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So Bored..

Posted: May 14, 2011 in My Life

Oh my GOD!
I am so bored, it’s unbelieveable!

I’m sitting here in my room recovering from a three day fever streak, listening to Iron Maiden (No old black and white hindi melodies today…)

But it’s a sunday. And I am bored. As hell… No good movies in theaters, heard that source code is good, naah… not in mood of a movie 😦

Honestly I don’t know what to do, I’ve been bored enough to look all over the web with something to do, no use… not in mood for any novel… sports ? magazines ? photography ? No..!!
Online Games ?? Well I don’t play online games. Honestly they’re so boring, after level three even angrybirds is no more fun..
Going out is always an option… But I’m not going out. Okay? Wanna know why?
Because there is as much to do outside as there is if you were ever trapped in a cabinet. Yeah don’t ask I just came out with that.

Argh bored… bored to death

SUNDAY = DAY OF BOREDOM (just today… not always)

Ah I give up, moaning isn’t going to help.

I’ll scribble something stupid on my blog all Day…
Want one?
Haha just ask xD (evil laughter :))

Better I go to office and write some code, a few posts for the coming week and then office, yeah sounds like fun… 🙂

No I’m not joking…

Love you ****************************** (Miss ISI agent now make some guesses 🙂 )


For a long time I was getting these mixed reviews for my hair… Ankita and Neha (my colleague) were leading the lobby that was proposing the hair cut and Big B and Neha (this one is my cousin sis) were favoring the disheveled, messed up hair all ready to be tied up in a pony soon…
And there was this third lobby too… the singleton set comprising of Ananya(another colleague), who was suggesting “Do as you wish… one should always follow his heart… ” (Now what if my heart wants to murder someone..?? ). Anyways I was supporting her ideology and was determined against a haircut…

Scene 1:  The One with Sameer in my Cubicle
May 9th, 2011, Monday, 3.00 PM

Place: My Cubicle

Enters Sameer (My colleague and Flatmate)

Sameer: Chal ***** kitna kaam karega, ho gaya aaja ka, ab kal karenge, chal baal katane chalte hain (guys can clearly identify the love he has for me from *****, the more we love someone the more the number of  ‘*’s  :))
Akshay: Arre kaam hai dost, and main nahi kata raha abhi
Sameer: Haan to kata mat na trim kara le thode, will look better, abhi sahi nahi lag rahe… trim kara lete hain
(Trick of Trade 1: when you want to trick someone into a trap, always be plural – ‘kara lete hain’ instaed of ‘kara le’, ‘kar lenge’ instead of ‘kar le’, ‘We’ll see’ instead of ‘You’ll have to bear it alone’   you do it and the poor guy will hand over his soul to you…)
Akshay:  arre but kaam hai abhi…
[Somehow he convinced me to leave early that day for the haircut…]

Scene 2: The One with the Style Director
May 9th, 2011, Monday, 7.00 PM
Place: Hakim’s Aalim – The Hair n Tattoo Lounge

Excited by the idea of getting a haircut in months, I booked an appointment with the Style Director himself (he charges the most) and thus began the ordeal:
Followed by more something….

and the Director was good to go with my hair… not yet..!!

here comes the rapidfire question answer round from the Style Director
1) Where are you working ?
2) Is a stylish Haircut allowed there ?
3) Which hair care products are you using ?
4) Do you have any allergies with chemicals ?
5) Are you a first time visitor or someone recommended you ?
5) Do yo want them long or short ?

By this time I was quite pissed off and impatient for the scissor to touch my scalp…
but no… not yet… here comes the clips…

Baa, Baa Style Director,
have you any Clips…?
yes sir yes sir…
a lot in the Slips
six for the left
six for the right
and four more for the hair
going down the line..!!

Finally done with the Clipping… the auspicious hour came… the Gods dropped flowers from the top… the birds chirped as he picked up his scissor and comb… and a few cuts here, a few cuts there… to share one thing… I really love it when someone caress my hair… makes me feel high and sleepy, so it happened… I reminded him once “Excuse me Mr. Director.. don cut it deep… I wanna have a pony.. ”  and surrendered it to his mercy… of course he’s the Style Director… he might be knowing better…
After approximately one hour he announced… Done  and started Styling with whatever is left there… a shadow of the past glory… 😛
And then he removed the mirror in front… kinda to surprise me with final look… 10 more miutes… 3-4 more sprays, soft wax, nourishing hair something, and I was done… he replaced the mirror back again… and I looked at my new avatar,  yeah I was certainly looking like an avatar… my own reflection was looking alien to me, my hair drenched in a dozen chemical sprays, decorated with a dozen… no may be a hundred termikes (or whatever you call hair longer to have spikes still made into spikes), some in the right and some in the left… I was totally screwed..
and the director ?? He was flaunting that victorious smile… Yes..!! I screwed one more normal looking guy, and transformed him into a Yo-man..!!

Hopelessly I looked at Sameer and all he could say was “Neeche chal ke theek karte hain”

Scene 3: The One with Gays in the Parking lot
May 9th, 2011, Monday, 9.00 PM

Place: Outside Hakim’s Aalim

You can spot me running around in the parking lot looking into parked cars’ and bikes’ mirrors, pressing my hair down with my hands… trying to sober down the style  that was imposed on my poor hair… making me look like some alien with a hundred antennas on his head.
Looking at my plight, sameer decided to help me, so amidst all the cars and people present there, he started caressing down my hair… <in public> and leaning against a car, he was half bent, fully concentrated trying to make my hair lie down with both hands in my hair, leaning over me…
It was when we heard a giggle… the words ‘OMG’, ‘gays’ ‘kiss’ and ‘cute’ and saw a bunch of chicks… laughing and going towards the Lift lobby… What a climax to the adventure… some random hot chicks branded us gays, of all things… gays 😦

A few feedbacks i got:
Sachin (My other Flatmate) – Youngistan lag rahe ho dost..
Mum – Ladkiyon jaise baal kyun kataye beta.. ??
Big B – Oye Chinka lag raha hai… <and he laughed to his death.. well not to his death but a lot :)>
My cook – Bhaiya aapne baal kataye hain… and he smiled… even my cook SMILED…!!
Manisha – hahahahahahaha…. tu na… hahahahaha… bas kya bataun kaisa lag raha hai… hahahahaha… main has has ke mar jaungi… hahahaha…   (Later I cursed her with a bald husband.. )

And this is how I ended up with the costliest, funniest haircut I ever got… Yes my hair are looking somewhat like those of sameer, who himself models the early nineties hair cut of Salman Khan.
To protect myself from the jibes of this cruel world now I’ll be sporting a cap for the next two months till the time I make my hair look sane (or insane) again and don’t you dare to ask me to upload a pic on Facebook or remove my cap..!!

Now that’s love to me

Posted: May 9, 2011 in My Life, Thoughts

Somebody Important (not Important anymore…) once said that you can’t determine the merit of a person until you’ve seen them in crisis. Or something like that; I can’t remember the exact quote and I’m too lazy to look it up. Regardless, I agree with this statement. You can’t really, truly know a person until something terrible happens. Take this event, for example.

Sometime during the Final semester of my graduation, In the month of March I guess, I started The White Tiger, the book I bought from Daryaganj Sunday market the day before and I was instantly hooked. The pacing was great, the storyline was interesting, and I was really digging it. And when I get genuinely hooked on a book, it’s dangerous. For example, I started The Kite Runner one evening at about 11pm, legitimately found myself unable to put it down, and stayed up until seven in the morning to finish it.

When I come across such books, I become a non-functional human being. There were times (in school, in the dropped year for IIT coaching, and in College) where I would hide my book under my desk, tune out the teacher and read all day, or spend my entire lunch break not eating or socializing, but reading some more. I have perfected the art of walking and reading, just so I don’t have to lose precious minutes I could be spending with a great book. So basically I spent the first half of the day reading, walking (and reading) to DCE library, and read through that next lecture too. I went to lunch and finished the book before the food arrived. When it was time to leave, I noticed that Delhi weather was trying to screw with me again and there was another heavy downpour going on.

So here’s the moment of crisis. Four people, two umbrellas. I buddied up with Tapasya to share her umbrella, but there just wasn’t really enough room for me. In a dramatic and self-sacrificing moment, I shove my book in her bag, zip it up, and tell her to keep it safe as I run into the rain, knowing that I couldn’t save both myself and my book from getting soaked.

Seriously though, the way I did this you would have thought I was at war and had found a wounded comrade, carried him back to safety, and then thrown myself on a grenade in some grand gesture of heroics. I got drenched to save a book, a pirated copy that I had already finished, from a little water damage…

Now that’s love to me… 🙂

Love you Mum..

Posted: May 8, 2011 in My Life

To the sweetest Mother in the Universe whose service is my special dignity, And so because you love me, and because I love you, Mother, I have woven a wreath Of rhymes wherewith to crown your honored name: No time can dim the flame Of love, whose blessed glow surpass the law of nature and change mortal life and death.

If I were hanged on the highest hill,
I know whose love will follow me still…

When sleep forsook my open eye,
Who was it sung sweet lullaby
And rocked me that I should not cry…

Who sat and watched my infant head
When sleeping in my cradle bed,
And tears of sweet affection shed…

Who ran me to help when I fell,
and had  some quirky sweet stories to tell
and assure me that I was well…

Who taught me to pray, each and every day,
and keeping world at bay…
And when your body feeble, old and grey,
My sturdy arms will be there to stay..
I will flush all your pains away..

Mom, You are the reason I am who I am today.  Your strength and courage have molded me.  Your Love has shaped me and taught me how to love others well. I marvel at you every day,the little things you remember,the others  forget. I pray for patience,for understanding, for compassion that I see in you to have in me.  Mommy, You are the best . :)  Your perfection is beyond my reach. I wish to be like you someday. I love you. Happy mother’s day… Thanks is undeniably a small word. Ok, I am too overwhelmed with emotions now…

Thank you mom, I love you 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!

Life is too short, way to short to do whatever you wish to do with your life, So I’m listing a few of the most important things I want to do before I die, though I don’t have any such plans of dying early, but who knows some truck driver, psychopath killer or some random viruses have planned something different for me… 🙂 So, here goes the List:
  • Take my parents on a world tour,
  • Spend a whole vacation on a cruise
  • Commit a perfect murder, leaving no clue and motive behind it, a perfectly clean Job
  • Write a book, may be more than a single one
  • Visit the Himalayas <just as a tourist, not interested in sanyas right now>
  • Have a six pack abs
  • Get a permanent tattoo
  • Get a pony for once, and get pics clicked with it
  • Buy the Statesman Building in Cannaught Place, Delhi… something about it has always fascinated me
  • Buy a Ferrari or Royal Royce or Bugatti Veyron
  • Spend a week with my brother in Vegas… being drunk completely (just for once :))and gambling
  • Read as many English Classics as I can
  • Watch all the classics (Movies) specially all of Hitchcock and jimmy Stewart ones
  • Meet Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Roger Federer, Salman Rushdie, Stephen King  and Vladimir Putin
  • Learn Salsa
  • Visit Brazil, Miami, New Zealand and Switzerland
  • Fly a Plane
  • Own a house facing the beach, just like the one Charlie Sheen owns in Two and a half Men
  • Have an encounter with Ghosts, want to Know if they exist or not
  • Eat up all the ras-malai in the world.. 😛 just kidding for this one 🙂

Its been 9 days at home and almost all my concerns came to be real… 🙂 A quick update –

1. Somehow I am spared the hair cut.. lucky me… 🙂 but next time mum won’t listen..!!
2. “Should i get a haircut?” and I lost 5-1 and of course I’ll go with the minority (even she wasn’t on my side), simply quoted “do as you wish” was all she said and I’ll go with her 🙂
3. I was never broke, the discussion of bank account and savings did come, and my parents are happy (note- happy but not very happy) 🙂
4. Mom has completely forgotten the hukka pics, but this time these are someone else’s pics in my phone she noticed… 🙂
5. Treats – I assume everyone is happy this time… Shivani is the one still left… and yeah Shubham too… oops but there is nothing in store for him… 😉
6. And yes the haughty uncleji visited too, and luckily I wasn’t called in to meet him.. 🙂
7. No visits to masi, though i feel bad, umm… next time 🙂
8. Once again Gaurav Abrol is in the list of my facebook friends… 🙂
9. I’m officially a graduate now, got my graduation degree… 🙂
10. And out of context – for the first time i got 28 (and still counting) likes on any of my facebook status update… 🙂

And the smiley at the end of every update is enough to prove how much I love being here in Delhi 🙂

Concerns of a Home-Goer

Posted: April 18, 2011 in My Life, Why Me ??

This friday I’m going home… to spend around 2 weeks in Delhi, yeah I’m happy, finally I’m getting a break from this monotony of routine (though I’m much more umm… call it indisciplined compared to the years I spent at home). But more than that I’m concerned.. concerned about a lot of things.

To begin with the worst of my fears, I haven’t got a haircut in months, my hair are untidy and growing in every possible dimension, somewhere deep down my heart I know that for sure my mum is gonna ask me for a haircut, and when I’ll decline she’ll compare it to a lot of petty people ranging from… lets not go there 🙂 and the worse fear of all… what if even Big B came to her aid.. no matter what I’ll stood up to them, at least I’ll try to 😦
Finally after living like a parasite on my dad’s hard earned money, I’m earning now… but what if anybody asked me for my bank account… with Big B its cool.. but what if dad asked me what I’ve saved till date, or worse.. what’s my current liquidity status… I don’t want to lie.. better i avoid any discussion about bills, salary, rent, expences or anything that could bring up this topic.

Then there are those friends and juniors asking for treat… well I’ve succeded on past few occassions in delusioning them, giving many excuses.. hope it works this time too.. else a few grands at max, not a big deal but still a concern for my already ill spent pocket.
And yeah the pic I accidently uploaded on facebook, the one in which I’m puffing a hukka beaming with joy, taking pride on the amount of smoke i puffed out, well mama wasn’t cool after seeing that… though i convinced her on phone that I don’t smoke and this is for the first time ever I tried this stuff on dandeli picnic…  kya maa, sab log pics ke liye pose maar rahe the, aap bhi naa.. but what if she still remembers that pic, or what if something remind her of it… nooo.. I don’t want that long streak of lectures again.. 🙂

To add a few more – I fear that this haughty and arrogant uncleji who’s son works at Styam might encounter me or worse what if my dad asked me to go and met him… I’ll better go alone wander a few minutes in some park and come back to tell dad that he wasn’t home.. yes it’ll work
Also I don’t want to visit my masi..  no i don’t… please I want to rest in peace at my own home, with my parents, will met my friends, but no.. i just don’t want to met ya… 😦 but as always i know she’ll cook up some plan to make me visit her place… I like her and her kids, but please i want to stay home…

And the final one – I am concerned that what if me and my bro are to buy something again, specially some electronics stuff… i don’t want a Nehru place part 2 😉

Losing what I built..

Posted: April 11, 2011 in My Life

I don’t know why, but for past few days i’m having all these negative vibes, I’m feeling strange, stupid all the time, missing things, I don’t know what and why… I want to cry… with the same 4-5 songs repeating in my playlist, I’m feeling like left out… Somewhere deep down under something is hurting me badly… I’m feeling like a void is being created, separating me from all the joys of Life, maybe I’m mising my friends, maybe I’m missing my brother, maybe I’m missing someone else… I don’t know, but I’ve got no cheering right now… with 3 out of last 4 nights being spent at office, I’m feeling monotonous… I miss so many things i can’t even count..,

There was a time when I used to laugh at people who said, that your college days were the best you will ever have. It was so lame. So cliched… So something which everyone said again and again. I used to hate DCE, the administration, the crowded cafeteria, the faculty, the rusty RTVs, the stupid lectures or maybe i just pretended to…I promised my self I would never ever preach anything like missing college to anyone. And i intend to keep it.

But who is to stop me from sharing what I feel today after 10 months of letting it float by.

Its not that the time was perfect. There were disasters. Agreed, Maybe not as big as the ones i faced later on , or maybe the ones which are yet to come. But in their own way, they were the biggest. They broke my back with their burden. I lost a few friends, a few probable relationships, a few moments of pure bliss.

But what i gained was unmeasurable. I learned what loving someone is all about. I learnt how obssessing about someone can bring you nothing but pain, how it wasn’t healthy (now that can be counted as an overstatement). I learnt how some people always stand by you no matter what. I learnt how special I was to so many people. I also discovered what ingredients a perfect life might have. I learnt how your ego can destroy you, i learnt how the same ego can be channelized to bring you success.

The past 10 months are no different for me than for my other batchmates. I am working for this Software giant (Microsoft). The only thing that is different from college is, the campus had gotten slightly smaller and far too more luxurious, my batchmates (read colleagues) older, and the work is certainly more demanding than the college projects. My earlier friends are slowly taking a backseat. Of course, not that I’m forgettig them, but they are certainly taking a backseat. Life is becoming more complicated, more simpler at times. Other people are taking a precedence. It’s not that I’m not happy. I am. Sometimes i fear my old friend might hate this. Why wouldn’t they? They are also struggling to make their mark in the world, and I am blissfully ignorant of their problems. But i won’t blame myself… I am at the same channel of struggle as they are… But I am happy. I have had some moments of pure bliss with them. Some memories which will always be with me.

But eventually most of the time I yearn for the people I’m loosing. Some were special and always will be throughout. Some I’m even forgetting the faces of. Some more years down the line someone will call me and maybe I won’t even be able to recognize him (though I’m very good at remembering people and all the incidents that have occurred in reference with them). Its so strange when i think we shared the same part of the universe for 4 long years. So much was built, but built on sand. And we never realized that… Never thought that it’ll be shattered one day and the pieces will be scattered all over the globe, in different cities.

The good part with working life is, nothing ever survives long enough for you to feel the pain later on, you make more colleagues and acquaintances than friends. So even if you switch job, or change team, or move to some offshore site… the significance of loss is very small.

Its ironic. People change, times change, situations change, but you just cannot force memories to change, can you? The guy who broke your heart will always be that, the guy who broke your heart. The friend whom you hugged first, would always be that, the huggable one.The person you had a secret crush on for years, will always be that, the one you had innocently loved… That’s who they are, that”s their identity. That’s what you built over the years. And what now? either they are already gone, or will be separated very soon, and what’ll be left will be just some lingering memories…

There’s so much we build. So much we carelessly leave behind to be swept by the tide of time. So much we loose, so less we gain… Yesterday I built all this, and today i’m loosing what i built…

Today I’m again sitting alone in my cubicle, Sunday night, among those few loners in office… and i dread being alone, I don’t know why but whenever I’m alone i began to think over either about someone else’s actions or for my own, lot of things from past haunt me, promises, betrayals, friendship, I began to miss my home more and more…
And today it is different, I’m just recollecting all the instances when people had their judgement for me… When they decide to hate me, they began evaluating my actions, they began to interpret my actions with their own perception of good and bad..
There was this guy with me in graduation, was like a very good friend, used to ask me to download a lot of movies for him.. the one who till the last few days always kept on asking whether i had downloaded the latest roadies episode in HD… It was sometime during third year, the dying days of orkut, accidentally i was looking at his latest scraps, and someone had asked about me “Hey ******** who’s this guy with who you are always fighting on slapster… ??” and he had replied “huh..he, he’s kinda bete noire.. He hates me and i hate him” and i was like… wow!! one scrap and I’m stoned dude… I don’t know why he thought that way, neither did i tried to ask him, i simply distanced myself… but still it haunts me… i don know which of my actions provoked him to retaliate in that way.
What more i had even been cursed “You’ll never get true love in your life”, Well i still dread that this shouldn’t come true… thank Goodness, the people now-a-days lack the sanity of the so called ‘Satyuga’ when they could burn you to flames with such kind of curses..

I’ve always argued that people should refrain from making a decision on the part of other people, who the hell just gave them the right to decide what i meant when i shared a joke, or when i teased them for not shaving since a week.. yes I’m not one of those cheesy talkers who always thinks before they spit it out, i just say it whatever i want to say… whenever want to say…
And there are countless number of things where i was quoted out of context… yes i was not supporting this ‘Save DCE’ bullshit… (yes you can come and argue any day, I’ve got more that enough reasons why i didn’t). Still remember when me and aayush were against boycotting the mid sems… and we were arguing with the rest of the morons why we shouldn’t boycott it (well what’s the aftermath… its stil DTU and to hell with the boycotters, everyone came to give exmas the next time). Well whatever i don give a damn to DCE or DTU anymore, but agin on that incident it was said that i want to give exams just because i don’t want my Microsoft joining to be deferred.. damn you all..!!
And not just that you tell someone about the bug in their system “haan we know you have research papers, ab tashan mat maar”

Not just in college, even before that in school, and even now at my workplace, often i’m branded something, a brat, some arrogant chap, atta boy. There was this girl, we were always competing to top the class, and we started off as friends for some time, and slowly drifted away, again because i was considered pompous and arrogant… I don’t know whats wrong with me.. or whats wrong with them. maybe this happens with everybody  but I’ve never talked to anyone about it. I never try to hurt or mock anyone, but I’ve even been accused of that. Even the people I haven’t met for like 10 years judge me for what ? things a 12 year old used to do. .
Yes i might have my own theories about democracy, love, reservation issue… who doesn’t, yeah one more incident… we were five people in that TBC presentation when we gave that presentation against reservation in education, everything was based on the data we provided, and still out of us five that stupid girl blamed only me for “hurting her sentiment” and held me responsible for the reason she cried… wow.. another jewel in my already doomed crown..
Maybe it works the same way for everybody and I don fit in well here.. or may be i’m that clown in the pack of cards that you can mark as any other card after you lose it.
May be I’m too ignorant to my actions, which i doubt I’m not, or may be people are too stupid and senseless to know the real me… Well no matter how much i say and write here that i don give a shit or who cares… Still I do care, yes it does hurt me to be judged as something/someone which I’m not.

Why I write this Blog

Posted: April 6, 2011 in My Life

Today jayesh (the Foodie of my team :)) came over to my cube and said “hey don’t write for the heck of writing it, what was this “Korean Movie” stuff… only write when you have something good to write, you do write good and should write that way only…”
This made me think a bit, do i profess to become some successful writer from this, do i pretend to be omniscient, or do i write it for the sake of looking cool…? No, none of these reasons, i write it beacuse i love to… I’m might or mightn’t be good at it, but writing good stuff is not the point, my point is to to be happy… and if i feel a bit satisfied for writing about some of small things happening to me, or some of my ideas about life and the things in it… i don care much..!!


I would like to make a clarification to every one who either on purpose or accidently visit my blog… I am no preacher of philosophy, art, living styles, neither do i intend to show off or mourn over how more/less i know about this life and universe, neither do i intend to become a writer/philosopher/thinker. I’m just a normal guy, with normal abilities and i write just for the pleaure of it… It’s like a window to me, like a sort of companion, i might end up writing how i slipped over the stairs, tumbling down making a piece of laughter for others, or I might argue over the whole concept of democracy and society, but it’s all that is going over in my mind. Not at any point of time do i think over what i should write, in what way should i write… its all about scribbling evry small, significant, insignificant thing that comes across my mind. Its not meant for any audience, its not meant for impressing anybody, its just about letting something out of you… For me my blog is a window to the world… i might express my happiness, my anger, my loneliness, my elation, joys or anything else here… its just about the way i live my life and i think about the others, its not to influence, impress or satisfy anybody… I might suck at it, or i might write stuff that will be funny to a bare 3-4 people at max, but i love this, and i love the way i feel after writing it and thus i’ll continue writing about anything i feel writing about… 🙂


I write for the sake of satisfaction i derive from it, you might listen to music for your peace of mind, or play guitar, or read novels, in the same way i do write this blog. please don’t set any expectations from my blog… its just a normal guy’s blog who still read comic books, watches cartoons, and calls his mum thrice a day…


And right now i’m cutting it short, i’m too tired after this gigantic day of work, sign offs, code, bugs… better I go home and have a good long sleep after a nice dinner… and whats this ??
Another mail asking for work status…. eh!!  Seems like couple of more hours at office 😦