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I hate being sick, specially being down with ‘nonfatal’ sickness. And currently I’m just more than ‘kind of’ sick… This common cold, which is really ‘common’ for me (every couple of months I’ve an encounter with the bitch..), plus this slight fever… 100, 100.5, 99.5, 100.5.. and constant headache, its kind of the worst feeling ever .I’m feeling dizzy, and yuckĀ unhygienic… and unfortunately the doctor has asked me to avoid shower in evening… šŸ˜¦
Plus I had to go to office… šŸ˜¦ and trust me when you have to spend time in a peaceful office, full of clattering of the keyboard keys and some discussions, it never lets you down in making your presence felt…. aaaakkchhuuuuu..!! followed by a couple more… no matter how much you rub your nose… no respite from it..

And the icing on the cake areĀ meetingsĀ you have to attend, breathing through your open mouth… making your manager feel that you’reĀ dumbstruckĀ with aweĀ and fascination on hearing his thoughts.. “Some of you are left open mouthed after hearing my ideas, please oblige us by closing them”. damn you.. running nose… and then you have to ask someone about some work you are stuck on… you enter the cabin of some gentleman,Ā peacefulĀ and calm, and he’s polite enough to explain the solution to your problem… and just then you have this tingling sensation… you hold your breath.. no use, wahaa you’ve a handkerchief… oops forgot it on your seat… NOW WHAT NOW WHAAA… AAAKChooo… (I almostĀ sneezedĀ and blabbered even I don’t know what in varunkum’s cubicle today… sorry sir if you noticed :(, I wasn’t myself…). I don’t know anyĀ embarrassmentĀ can match this..

Or well… being in middle of a design discussion, and like always.. all hells are breaking loose again.. you want to blow your nose… ( with a dynamite, andĀ I guess a few might’veĀ done it, had there been any possibility of growing it back… well no one will like to live like a skeltor’s gaping nose for the rest of his life… ), and yeah you are in middle of a design discussion and want to blow your nose… and you are honest enough to call it out like…
“err… can I go out to blow my nose ?”
“you what”Ā asks some gentle lady… and trust me its always a lady to ask this..
“can i go out to blow my nose”Ā Ā and now you really start cursing yourself for being honest.. why the hell didn’ t I said I wana go to the loo… or just pretended a phone call.
“you want to blow what?”Ā  here comes the pranksters..
and now you can’t hold it any longer…“I’M GOING OUT TO BLOW MY NOSE”
“phew… then go ahead who’s stopping you…”Ā  the gentle lady comments amidst smiles and giggles from fellow team mates. and at these times I sincerely want her to be the next victim of this ‘common’ cold.
and then in 2 minutes later you are back… and the discussion proceeds, two minutes into it, and the trouble returns… and this time you can’t even say it out loud..Ā all you have to do is to bear it with few tissues, and god’s grace if you can contain it within 2-3 sneezes only.

And to worsen your situation, you get a cough too, yeah it comes in package… and it makes you feel so untidy andĀ unhygienic, coughing, spitting out…eww… :(. Sometimes they (read managers) say one must make his presence felt in the team… for the past two days, I’m doing the same… coughing and sneezing.. breaking the silence, making people look out for me while walking (obviously to avoid me), and yeah how can’t I be a team player in aĀ conditionĀ like this…Ā I’veĀ transmitted the viruses to my colleague, who sits next to me.. and to see her walking in the alley cuz she too was feeling “uneasy” was the only respite… at least I’m not the only one… šŸ˜‰

P.S. Don’t you dare look down upon me as sick little kid, this post is jinxed. Before feeling pity on me… i just want you to know that the Gods (or Devils) of Running noses are watching ya..!!

Editing after 8 hours of posting:

P.P.S. Dr. Alka Sharma is already feeling that she’s ”Ā also cming down wid smthing” after calling me a cry baby onĀ Facebook… so don’t you dare laugh off the warning in P.S.

I went to a disc the other week with some friends of mine. Apart from one of my flatmates no one else in my friend circle love to dance, we just frequent the discs inĀ Hyderabad, have a little booze, and chatter a little… nothing more, So we were in this disc called ‘kismet’ one of the discs in ‘The Park’Ā and the floor was pretty much crowded. I sat down with one of the girls who accompanied us, and we were looking at the crowd dancing away to glory, careless andĀ energetic… seriously, out of all the places in Hyderabad, I like the crowd in ‘Kismet’ the most.

And then this girl sitting next to me pointed them out to me (funny till that time I didn’t even knew her name, came with another common friend)…
And we saw them – or more specifically, him.

He was dancing as the music wanted him to dance. His moves were smooth and fluid, and he moved as if he is a fish in water. He was tall, well built, and he folded his long legs effortlessly so that he is in level with her… He was Perfect, well I’m not gay… but I guess I have a birthright to appreciate guys, without being mocked as a Gay… Ā don’t I ?

And now coming to his companion, she definitely had taken her time to dress up for him, in a subtle way. But she was notĀ up toĀ him,visiblyĀ hesitant to dance, to match his steps. She was slightly plump, reminded me ofĀ MexicanĀ wrap or a warm Kathi Roll (warm chicken would’ve been a better comparison.. but I’m vegetarian so you have to bear with Kathi Roll only.. :P), while he was more like a rainstorm brewing in the mountains (I’m good at poetic comparison too, damn who asked me to became an engineer..!!)

And then, there was HER (read – the poison ivy). The one who looked like a panther out for a kill, with a body, attitude and steps to match. She surveyed the dance floor, took one look at the couple, decided that the man was hers, and set on to stake her claim.

On that dance floor, it was so easy to flirt with another person even if you were dancing with your date.

Me & my friend (though in true terms we were acquaintances till that time, and I guess we still are) sympathized with the girl, what chance did she have with this predator on the prowl?

The Poison Ivy started dancing, slowly, sensuously – like a beautiful coral snake slowly slithering. Half the men in the dance floor (the ones that could see her albeit peripherally) slowed down, were distracted, and some even stopped their dancing to stare at her. And I was honestly blown away by her moves.

But not him. He was focused on his partner, coaxing her, cajoling her, to loosen up, to forget making mistakes in her steps or stepping on his feet. HeĀ wasĀ dancing, and he was dancing only for her.

Or so we thought. The predator moved slowly towards him, slithering up and slowly starting toĀ woundĀ herself around him. All this done beautifully, discreetly.

He, without a break in theĀ rhythm, stepped around such that his girl was the one who was dancing against her. The put down, was blatant, and it hurt theĀ predator. “WTF!!” she slowly mouthed to her minions who were sitting there, shocked that a common man had dared to turn her down. And that’s too for a Simpleton…

The predator, was up for the challenge. She and herĀ minionsĀ started dancing, and they somehow made a semi circle around the girl, who was oblivious to all this and was trying toĀ getĀ herĀ steps right. They started crowding her as if she did not evenĀ exist, and a well timed push sent her reeling to edge of the dance floor, to the hard pews where we onlookers were watching inĀ fascination.
We felt bad for her. The fact that she was a clumsy dancer at best was established beyond point with that push. When she was being pushed toĀ anonymity, the predator was dancing in front of him, like a bright black flame of all thing luscious and forbidden. She had the best body, the best dress and the best face in that room. She could dance with him, dance like him.

And he danced maybe half a step, and went to the pews with his girl, timing his step to her missteps such that it all looked like a wonderfullyĀ choreographedĀ return to the seats than the mortified return it was supposed to be. Like she was a queen and he was her harem boy. He danced around her, and wrapped her up in a tight embrace at the end of it.

And he did this all, while he was looking into her eyes and setting steps to music.

And no, she did not know what happened. For her, it was nothing more than a night out dancing brought to end by a suddenly overcrowded dance floor.

My other friends who were with us by this time, and are aware of all the happenings on the dance floor (we all have ears and eyes for gossip, and such incidents are not to be missed), who always wanted me to give them an example of how one should love, and here it is guys and gals…
He did not make her realize what he was doing for her – not by word, or deed, or even a momentary glance at her adversary, He was there only for her.

And that night, I believed again in the magic of love…

Alas, its been a year..!!

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Hyderabad, My Life

Today I completed my one year at Microsoft… one good year?? I’m not sure… may in some sense it was good, may be it wasn’t.
There are a lot of things I learned in last one year, some technical, some professional and some lessons at the personal front. Last night at 12.00 A.M. I got the congratulations mail for completing one year, and I was kind of overwhelmed… wow its been a year, a really VERY LONG year indeed. A lot of things happened in past one year, left few friends, met a few new ones and maybe some of these will be with me till my mere existence. Forgot a few people, got forgotten, had a huge number of treats, few very funny incidents, some seriousĀ fiascoesĀ (like the pune trip, suhas’s b’day), had first hand experience of how it feels to eat at five stars, attended a few bachelor parties, promotion parties and even break-up treats šŸ™‚

As one of my colleague Jayesh once said “For you one year is gonna be equal to a five years” and yesĀ uptoĀ some extent Ā he was true in saying that. There were a lot of things where I did wonderfully good (Hope my manager acknowledges that..) some things where I might have performed better. But I would say these was a lot of lessons I learned in this last one year (on my first job)… learned to spend whole nights in office coding :P, whole nights in office watching movies in conference rooms (hoping that is not a HR violation, well yeah it is..), dining at all hands of other teams, made a few good southĀ IndianĀ friends (well yeah they are cool in their own way), witnessed how to take credit of some one else’s work, how to gain importance by dropping colorful mails, andĀ witnessedĀ theĀ coolestĀ of the techies doing their cool stuff in their own fancy world where algorithms dance and designs sings.Ā Well one thing i missed… Innocence, well I might be wrong in expecting it at a workplace where you are to be reviewed at the end of the year for your work, its impact, but just like pretty chicks its also a rarity at Microsoft.. maybe I was too naive in expecting this at first hand..!!

What else… umm.. I feel old, yeah the fresh batch of college recruits just joined yesterday, and interns are already here, some ofĀ whomĀ even call me “Akshay Sir”, Ā well somehow I feel responsible and Old, and yeah even if I have to update my CV now it”ll have a section reading… Work Ex.. June 2010- present: at Microsoft doing…xyz…
and yeah I’m also eligible to spend two grands on a dinner/lunch and claim reimbursement for it… well I already spent it this afternoon itself..

But yeah, Microsoft is a great place to work, I might say one of the best… It’s been a great (Experience) being here.

Its been almost an year in Hyderabad, and I just witnessed my firstĀ discriminatory conversation last week. Though it was a funny chit chatter between friends over lunch but still…
The scene consists of me and few of my friends (Nick, Anna (as we fondly call him), megha, rashmi and avanthi) from office sitting in Taj Banjara, waiting for our lunch to be served and like the normal days we were in argument.. (gosh some people can’t keep company even for 5 minutes without a debate :()

Anna: You Northies ā€¦

I interrupted him, raising a stern hand, but Nick cut me short

Nick:Ā (articulating ev.ery sylƂĀ·laƂĀ·ble) Ā I am not a N..o..r..t..h..i..e

Anna: Of course you are

Nick: I am from Nagpur, for Godā€™s sake..

Anna: My point exactly. You are a Northie

Nick: How does that make me a Northie?

Anna: Are you from Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala or Karnataka?

Nick: No..!!

Anna: Therefore you are a Northie. Anybody who is not from the southern 4 states is a Northie. Do I have to make it any clearer?

Nick: Thatā€™s a demented logic, you are a moron

Anna: What is wrong with you Northies? A guy from Nagpur claims he is not a Northie. A guyĀ from Bombay is not a Northie. The guy from Delhi is not a Northie nor is the guy from Kolkata. Let me state it for the record, you are all Northies.

Nick: Whatever… North is relative anyway

Anna: That is what every run-of-the-mill wimp says when he knew he completely and miserably lost the argument..

SomehowĀ heroically I came to Nick’s rescue, with the intention of cooling down Anna I started…

Me: Ā ā€œwhatever,ā€ Madrasi..don’t you..

Before I could finish myself, Anna lunged at me in rage, hold my collar and pulled me towards him, his eyes are a foot from mine, his face contorted with anger. (his eyes were saying –Ā didn’tĀ you see any South movies? look what can I do to you)

He mumbled something in a hoarse voice, his spit splattering on his face… lips trembling and said:
”Ā Donā€™tā€¦ everā€¦ call meā€¦ a Madrasi. I am from Andhra “

And we all were dumbstruck, with our mouth open..!!

For a long time I was getting these mixed reviews for my hair… Ankita and Neha (my colleague) were leading the lobby that was proposing the hair cut and Big B and Neha (this one is my cousin sis) wereĀ favoringĀ the disheveled, messed up hair all ready to be tied up in a pony soon…
And there was this third lobby too… the singleton set comprising of Ananya(anotherĀ colleague), who was suggesting “Do as you wish… one should always follow his heart… ” (Now what if my heart wants to murder someone..?? ). Anyways I was supporting her ideology and was determined against a haircut…

Scene 1: Ā The One with Sameer in my Cubicle
May 9th, 2011, Monday, 3.00 PM

Place: My Cubicle

Enters Sameer (MyĀ colleagueĀ and Flatmate)

Sameer: Chal ***** kitna kaam karega, ho gaya aaja ka, ab kal karenge, chal baal katane chalte hain (guys can clearly identify the love he has for me from *****, the more we love someone the more the number of Ā ‘*’s Ā :))
Akshay: Arre kaam hai dost, and main nahi kata raha abhi
Sameer: Haan to kata mat na trim kara le thode, will look better, abhi sahi nahi lag rahe… trim kara lete hain
(Trick of Trade 1: when you want to trick someone into a trap, always be plural – ‘kara lete hain’ instaed of ‘kara le’, ‘kar lenge’ instead of ‘kar le’, ‘We’ll see’ instead of ‘You’ll have to bear it alone’Ā  Ā you do it and the poor guy will hand over his soul to you…)
Akshay:Ā  arre but kaam hai abhi…
[Somehow he convinced me to leave early that day for the haircut…]

Scene 2: The One with the Style Director
May 9th, 2011, Monday, 7.00 PM
Place: Hakim’s Aalim – The Hair n Tattoo Lounge

Excited by the idea of getting a haircut in months, I booked an appointment with the Style Director himself (he charges the most) and thus began the ordeal:
Followed by more something….

and the Director was good to go with my hair… not yet..!!

here comes the rapidfire question answer round from the Style Director
1) Where are you working ?
2) Is a stylish Haircut allowed there ?
3)Ā Which hair care products are you using ?
4) Do you have any allergies with chemicals ?
5) Are you a first time visitor or someone recommended you ?
5) Do yo want them long or short ?

By this time I was quite pissed off and impatient for the scissor to touch my scalp…
but no… not yet… here comes the clips…

Baa, Baa Style Director,
have you any Clips…?
yes sir yes sir…
a lot in the Slips
six for the left
six for the right
and four more for the hair
going down the line..!!

Finally done with the Clipping… the auspicious hour came… the Gods dropped flowers from the top… the birds chirped as he picked up his scissor and comb… and a few cuts here, a few cuts there… to share one thing… I really love it when someone caress my hair… makes me feel high and sleepy, so it happened… I reminded him once “Excuse me Mr. Director.. don cut it deep… I wanna have a pony.. ” Ā and surrendered it to his mercy… of course he’s the Style Director… he might be knowing better…
After approximately one hour he announced… Done Ā and started Styling with whatever is left there… a shadow of the past glory… šŸ˜›
And then he removed the mirror in front… kinda to surprise me with final look… 10 more miutes… 3-4 more sprays, soft wax, nourishing hair something, and I was done… he replaced the mirror back again… and I looked at my new avatar, Ā yeah I was certainly looking like an avatar… my own reflection was looking alien to me, my hair drenched in a dozen chemical sprays, decorated with a dozen… no may be a hundred termikes (or whatever you call hair longer to have spikes still made into spikes), some in the right and some in the left… I was totally screwed..
and the director ?? He was flaunting that victorious smile… Yes..!! I screwed one more normal looking guy, and transformed him into a Yo-man..!!

Hopelessly I looked at Sameer and all he could say was “Neeche chal ke theek karte hain”

Scene 3: The One with Gays in the Parking lot
May 9th, 2011, Monday, 9.00 PM

Place: Outside Hakim’s Aalim

You can spot me running around in the parking lot looking into parked cars’ and bikes’ mirrors, pressing my hair down with my hands… trying to sober down the style Ā that was imposed on my poor hair… making me look like some alien with a hundred antennas on his head.
Looking at my plight, sameer decided to help me, so amidst all the cars and people present there, he started caressing down my hair… <in public> and leaning against a car, he was half bent, fully concentrated trying to make my hair lie down with both hands in my hair, leaning over me…
It was when we heard a giggle… the words ‘OMG’, ‘gays’ ‘kiss’ and ‘cute’ and saw a bunch of chicks… laughing and going towards the Lift lobby… What a climax to the adventure… some random hot chicks branded us gays, of all things… gays šŸ˜¦

A few feedbacks i got:
Sachin (My other Flatmate) – Youngistan lag rahe ho dost..
Mum – Ladkiyon jaise baal kyun kataye beta.. ??
Big B – Oye Chinka lag raha hai… <and he laughed to his death.. well not to his death but a lot :)>
My cook – Bhaiya aapne baal kataye hain… and he smiled… even my cook SMILED…!!
Manisha –Ā hahahahahahaha…. tu na… hahahahaha… bas kya bataun kaisa lag raha hai… hahahahaha… main has has ke mar jaungi… hahahaha… Ā Ā (Later I cursed her with a bald husband.. )

And this is how I ended up with the costliest, funniest haircut I ever got… Yes my hair are looking somewhat like those of sameer, who himself models the early nineties hair cut of Salman Khan.
To protect myself from the jibes of this cruel world now I’ll be sporting a cap for the next two months till the time I make my hair look sane (or insane) again and don’t you dare to ask me to upload a pic onĀ FacebookĀ or remove my cap..!!

Sometimes during normal chit-chat people tend to say some queer and funny things, here i’m trying to remember and compile a few of such quotes being said by my friends during the course of past few years. Though i can’t express the true emotion of the context in which those things were said but still these are the tiny little statements that still make me smile for those moments.

1) IITĀ jane se pehle god-level placements ki kahaniyan sunte the, college seĀ nikalne ke baad god-level placements ki kahaniyan sun rahe hain. BasĀ apni kahaniyan sun ne ke sapne sapne reh gaye Abhishek Sharma (on IIT-B placements)

2)Ā Chuck Norris can press two b**** with one handAbhimanyu Jain (while random chatter in DCE library)

3)Ā Time ke saathĀ sabkoĀ sabĀ kuchĀ nahiĀ tohĀ bahutĀ kuchĀ mil hee jaataĀ haiĀ par mujheĀ sabĀ chahiyeĀ aurĀ mujheĀ abhi chahiye – Sachin Verma

4)Ā Believe me ā€œRab nahiĀ dikhtaĀ haiā€, itā€™s allĀ hormones playing their partĀ to make sure the world goes on and keeps on seeing new generations – Sachin Verma

5) Mera fuck ho gaya hai – Abhishek Kumar (Before some exam in 2nd Sem)

6) Abe paiso ke sath sex nahi kiya jata, uske liye ladki hi chahiye hoti hai Abhimanyu jain (to Abhishek Agarwal on Dowry Issue)

7) Oye waise Sita Mata Sexy HaiAnupam “Dadhi”Ā (While discussing new Ramayan serial on NDTV Imagine)

8 ) Vampires are impotent, foreplay me hi khoon pee jate hain, kabhi main course tak jaate hi nahi Anant Khokhar

9)Ā IĀ would love to be the monk who sold hisĀ FerrariĀ but for that, I will have to buy a FerrariĀ firstSachin Verma

10) Ise kabhi apni girlfriend se mat milvana, use bhi tujhse protect kar legaAnant Khokhar (for Devendra Chaudhary)

11) God save thee from the wrath of a hurt womanAmit Rawat (on that psycho girl stalking me)

12) Mera college chahe jaisa bhi ho par itni gandi ladki mere college ki nahi ho saktiSameer Chaturvedi (on Madhu Dalia)

13) Anshul is certainly gay, vo gmail pe ladko ko sweet dreams bolta haiAbhishek Agarwal

14) Kya Dasrath Dasrath (Lord Ram’s Father) laga rakhi hai, kheer kha ke to sale ne bacche paida kiye the can’t Reveal the name šŸ™‚

15) Tika lo Madam Mayank Sharma (offering seat to a Girl in DTC Bus)

16)Ā Yaar hame kabhi aise ladki kyun nahi mili –Ā Avesh Chauhan (ogling a girl in Kamla Nagar, just the day before his marriage :))

17) Girl next door har us ladke ki fantasy hai, jiski na koi girlfriend hai, aur na kabhi hogi – Debosumo Das

18) Aaj ki date me dus hazar me ‘mayawati’ to kya main ‘Raghav Sir’ ko bhi kiss kar lun, bas dikkat ye hai ki zindgi me kabhi aage jake afsos hoga ki dus hazar ke liye ye kaam bhi kiya tha –Ā Can’t reveal the name šŸ™‚ (Though DCEites can guess)

19) I think i’ll loose it soon, things are going great between us… Btw does anyone here know how to test for Premature Ejaculation ? – Should i reveal the name :)? (Ok i nicknamed him “Chotu”)


Well there are a lot more but owing to the censorship imposed by my own self won’t be putting them up here on the blog :). Choose your ownĀ favoriteĀ one..

I don want a loan, Stop calling

Posted: January 18, 2011 in Hyderabad, My Life

Sometimes I hate the telephone. The damn thing rings and all I think is: ā€œWho are you and what do you want?!ā€ What you want is for me to answer. Well, forget it. If I wanted to talk to you, Iā€™d be making the call ā€“ so knock it off… oh you want to talk to me… well yeah being in this world for 23 years, no one talks Ā just to talk…

I mean, just what makes you think I want to stop snacking, working,Ā reading, flirting with some random girl, sleeping, fighting off with the so called bugs in my test code, firing off hate mail to so-called political leaders, dodging the broker pounding on the door of my recently occupied apartment or whatever it is Iā€™m doing thatā€™s so much more entertaining than answering your unsolicited call? I donā€™t and I wonā€™t. And you know it. Yet you insist on dialling my unlisted number for countless stupid and ire-inspiring reasons.

Always with the Hey!! What are you doing crappola. What the hell do you think Iā€™m doing? Iā€™m answering the phone, you moron. Or better yet, you ask whoā€™s-this? Look, Gargoyle, you called me. Figure it out. Or my all-time favourite: with broken english, typical south indian accent ad patheticĀ EnglishĀ –Ā Hi this is XXXXX XXXXX and Iā€™m calling from here, or there or nowhere, So sir do you want to..ā€¦
No. I donā€™t want to change my telephone service, nor do i need a bank loan, iā€™m not interested in caller tunes, sales and food festivals (well thatā€™s what i might like but no one calls for it). What I want is your head exploded. The sooner ā€“ the better. I know u are doing your job… still i want your head exploded and in return you can want the head of your manager/supervisor exploded. May be the head explosion chain can finally get rid of the mastermind behind this scam…

I hate the telephone and I hate you. Stop calling.

Crazy 90s… Driving me crazy..!!

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Hyderabad, My Life

Well something strange is taking me over….Iā€™m doing something Iā€™ve always dread…

I’m listening to the 90s hindi songs, and goddammit Iā€™m loving ā€˜em…: P
“Batana bhi nahi aata…chupana bhi…”, “Tere dar par sanam hum chale aaye”, old remixes and even “Memsaab o meri Memsaab” from Baba sehgal, i mean baba sehgal… seriously dude…something is seriously wrong.

Kumar sanu, nadeem sarvan, Sameer, alka yagnikā€¦ ewww even the names are so much 90fic.. still Iā€™m loving these songs, lyrics, musicā€¦ everything
and trust me these are not bad, I mean these are not bad at allā€¦ they are good. Every night spent is office is a witness of my love for these songs, the irritating (to some, not to me) humming coming from my cubicle are known to every (k)night rider in my teamā€¦Suhas, Noah, Harish, Sameer, Venkatesh.

Suhas Manangi, pity on pour soul who had to be in the vicinity of my cubicle every night till 3 A.M. even threatened me of committing suicide by jumping from the fourth floor bridge… but still the determination is enact, I canā€™t stop itā€¦ hell how can I, Iā€™m going crazy over the lyrics..!! (sometimes even I wonder is this really a lyric..)

Hope this craziness will pass off soon; else Microsoft people will throw me out on the roadā€¦

And now while Iā€™m writing this my playlist reads like:
ā€œSajna hai Mujhe (Remix)ā€, ā€œRup suhana lagta haiā€¦chand purana lagta haiā€, ā€œyeh hasin khula aasmanā€ā€¦.

What’s happening to this GnR fanatic, Metallic fanā€¦
Hope Iā€™ll get over it soonā€¦

Single in the City of Nawabs

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Hyderabad, My Life

Hyderabadā€¦. the only place apart from Delhi where Iā€™ve spent this much number of days in a stretch (itā€™s my 50th day here) ā€¦ itā€™s been around a month and a half since I moved hereā€¦ still exploringĀ  the city, more eateries, more places to hang out and more bar n pubsā€¦the grand relocation period (affectionately renamed as ā€œHoneymoon Periodā€ by Microsoft employees) had given a lot of time and luxury to explore the place.
To start with the hi-tech city, the place where most of the IT companies are based is really far from the main cityā€¦ even the map of the city that HR team mailed the new joiners before relocating here didnā€™t cover the area šŸ˜‰

People and the City: The city is really calm n peaceful compared to metros like Delhi and Bombay, though sometimes the calmness turns to dullness but still itā€™s not monotonous, people are warm and simpleā€¦ the usual cunningness of big cities is slowly seeping in, but itā€™ll take time for native people to changeā€¦ The climate is nice n breezy, rains almost twice a week,Ā  but yet to witness those heavy rains of Delhi, here it’s mostly itā€™s in form of drizzles for a few hours.
The language is quite fun to hear and bargaining in market is really an experience in itselfā€¦ the language has an inherent ā€œaaā€ syllable attached to the end of almost every word.
A friend in Microsoft got his name on voter-id card wrong only because of thatā€¦ the lady asked for his name n he proudly pronouncedā€¦.ā€œANILAAā€ā€¦. Pour soul still unable to convince the drivingĀ license authorities that ā€œANILā€ and ā€œANILAAā€ is the same personā€¦Ā 

People are nice and friendlyā€¦exceptions do occur.. šŸ˜‰ but more or less the native people are nice, friendly and soft spokenā€¦

Life: Well donā€™t have much experience of lifestyle yet, and the few observations are limited to the Hi-Tech city n surrounding area but still there is that so called solitude of flat cultureā€¦ people are hesitant in going out n meeting others, suspicious, and reluctant to mix up and mostly stay to themselvesā€¦ bachelors (n especially males) are considered the most suspicious lot.. though there is an inherent humor involved in being a bachelor.. šŸ™‚
As for women the city is certainly safer than Delhi, far more safer.. yes ogles are always there but itā€™s safer to visit local markets at night, travelling by auto , walking home lateā€¦
The night life is ummā€¦ okayish not a great one neither very dullā€¦ its simply okayish.. For most part Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills areas are really nice to hang out with lotsa malls, restaurants, sports bars and gaming zones. Personaly I really love the look and feel of the Banjara Hills, nice place to hang out with friends.

Roads Transport: the public transport is not very good, city buses are available but very small in number and mostly signboards are in Telugu, sometimes English may be there with a font size ā€œnegligibleā€ but mostly itā€™s telugu. One needs to rely on autos for most part of traveling, but the fares are very reasonableā€¦ The auto-wallahs are honestā€¦ rarely try to overcharge you (though one may need to bargain at night).
The roads are narrow, and the heavy traffic at peak hours causes jams occasionally. People donā€™t follow traffic rules as a general policy and red lights are often jumpedā€¦ šŸ™‚. The traffic police is as corrupt as delhi, always ready to pounce upon poor fellasĀ  reasoning for all the unreasonable reasons.

Food: Well one thing thatā€™s great about the place is Food. There are lots n lots of options for north Indians (south indian is always here so Iā€™ll talk of north Indian recipes only). And for non-vegetariansā€¦ well itā€™s a mecca for ā€˜em. All biryani n kebabs in all formsā€¦ special, spicy, double onion one… a real delight, right from roadside stalls to 5 stars hotels what I hear about the non-veg stuff is all praiseā€¦
There are a number of great restaurants ā€“ Zaffran Exotica, Waterfront and Angeethi being my favouritesā€¦ have also tried Hyderabad house (famous for biryani), Chutneys, Sahib Sindh Sultan, 36, Casani GR, Novatel, Taj Deccan, Barbeque Nation n lots moreā€¦ all thanks to Microsoft for reimbursing all my food billsā€¦

Bars n Pubs: One thingā€¦ the pubs n bars here are expensive compared to Delhi. Though i’m not a regular drinker, but still i like to visit and enjoy theĀ ambiance. For similar ambience n same drinks you end up paying almost 1.5 times of what you have to pay in Delhi. But still there are a few nice places to spend your hard earned money (yeah have to code a lot to earn that), with my favorite being ā€“ HRC ( Hard Rock CafĆ©) ā€“ man the chicks there are really hot..!!
Apart from that Novatel and SVM (though their mint flavoured vodka shots are more of jal jeeraā€¦ avoid them) are also nice places with great ambience and nice crowd.

Places to Visit: Golconda fort, Hussain Sagar Lake (My favorite Spot to chill out after a long day of work), Shilpkala Vedika (attended Shreya Ghoshalā€™s Concert there), Char Minar are few of the places Iā€™ve visited so farā€¦ well its just the 50th day hereā€¦ will visit the other places soon..

So cheers to my 50th day in the City of Nawabs.
Itā€™s all about the city of Nawabs; will update about being single in the city of Nawabs sometimes…

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