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Today I’m again sitting alone in my cubicle, Sunday night, among those few loners in office… and i dread being alone, I don’t know why but whenever I’m alone i began to think over either about someone else’s actions or for my own, lot of things from past haunt me, promises, betrayals, friendship, I began to miss my home more and more…
And today it is different, I’m just recollecting all the instances when people had their judgement for me… When they decide to hate me, they began evaluating my actions, they began to interpret my actions with their own perception of good and bad..
There was this guy with me in graduation, was like a very good friend, used to ask me to download a lot of movies for him.. the one who till the last few days always kept on asking whether i had downloaded the latest roadies episode in HD… It was sometime during third year, the dying days of orkut, accidentally i was looking at his latest scraps, and someone had asked about me “Hey ******** who’s this guy with who you are always fighting on slapster… ??” and he had replied “huh..he, he’s kinda bete noire.. He hates me and i hate him” and i was like… wow!! one scrap and I’m stoned dude… I don’t know why he thought that way, neither did i tried to ask him, i simply distanced myself… but still it haunts me… i don know which of my actions provoked him to retaliate in that way.
What more i had even been cursed “You’ll never get true love in your life”, Well i still dread that this shouldn’t come true… thank Goodness, the people now-a-days lack the sanity of the so called ‘Satyuga’ when they could burn you to flames with such kind of curses..

I’ve always argued that people should refrain from making a decision on the part of other people, who the hell just gave them the right to decide what i meant when i shared a joke, or when i teased them for not shaving since a week.. yes I’m not one of those cheesy talkers who always thinks before they spit it out, i just say it whatever i want to say… whenever want to say…
And there are countless number of things where i was quoted out of context… yes i was not supporting this ‘Save DCE’ bullshit… (yes you can come and argue any day, I’ve got more that enough reasons why i didn’t). Still remember when me and aayush were against boycotting the mid sems… and we were arguing with the rest of the morons why we shouldn’t boycott it (well what’s the aftermath… its stil DTU and to hell with the boycotters, everyone came to give exmas the next time). Well whatever i don give a damn to DCE or DTU anymore, but agin on that incident it was said that i want to give exams just because i don’t want my Microsoft joining to be deferred.. damn you all..!!
And not just that you tell someone about the bug in their system “haan we know you have research papers, ab tashan mat maar”

Not just in college, even before that in school, and even now at my workplace, often i’m branded something, a brat, some arrogant chap, atta boy. There was this girl, we were always competing to top the class, and we started off as friends for some time, and slowly drifted away, again because i was considered pompous and arrogant… I don’t know whats wrong with me.. or whats wrong with them. maybe this happens with everybody  but I’ve never talked to anyone about it. I never try to hurt or mock anyone, but I’ve even been accused of that. Even the people I haven’t met for like 10 years judge me for what ? things a 12 year old used to do. .
Yes i might have my own theories about democracy, love, reservation issue… who doesn’t, yeah one more incident… we were five people in that TBC presentation when we gave that presentation against reservation in education, everything was based on the data we provided, and still out of us five that stupid girl blamed only me for “hurting her sentiment” and held me responsible for the reason she cried… wow.. another jewel in my already doomed crown..
Maybe it works the same way for everybody and I don fit in well here.. or may be i’m that clown in the pack of cards that you can mark as any other card after you lose it.
May be I’m too ignorant to my actions, which i doubt I’m not, or may be people are too stupid and senseless to know the real me… Well no matter how much i say and write here that i don give a shit or who cares… Still I do care, yes it does hurt me to be judged as something/someone which I’m not.


Friends I Miss…

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Days at DCE, My Life

Day before yesterday Sandhya (a college junior of mine and a very good friend update – she threated to sue me for using her name without her permission after this post) sent me some mail with a so called psychology test by dalai lama, having a few color, animal, number tests etc, and i too was asked for a Wish which like all other mails of this type will come true only if we complete and forward it to n number of people…
Well to be honest major part (or almost everything came out to be true in the test) of the test came out to be true, but its not about that. There was a section asking to associate people with colors and I had to match 5 colors with 5 people, the first 4 people came rushing to my mind… ma, pa, big B, Her (no names please 🙂 ) and i was there with the fifth choice to made. To be honest at the time I was considering only those people who matter to me, only the important ones 🙂 and the result was disappointing… even after 2 minutes I wasn’t able to fix any one single person…. A lot of people came into my mind… Neha, Ankita, Dev D, Rahul, Anupam,Rawat, Sameer, Nitya, APSC, Anoop… a lot of friends, and with these a lot of other memories came to my mind also..

Friends who ones were so close to me, and now are drifting away, because of time, distances or may be I’m a big egotist or may be they are, or may be we all are, there are things which are inexplainable, and maybe because of TIME, another biggest bitch after karma…

Dadhi aka Anupam Singh, you are a rockstar dude… your own style, your own fetish for perfectionism, We are still friends but somehow in middle our egos clashed i think just for nothing… You had your pride and I had mine, may be i can call it vanity or idiocity of human nature that we grow differences… I still miss the first year days, the carelessness, the time spent in hostel together, all the treats, parties, the stupid discussions, the interest in comics… I miss you buddy… wish that ego had never been there… Miss you dude 🙂
Don aka Abhimanyu Jain, you were a genius, creative, cynical but genious… been here in Microsoft for 8 months but still i haven’t met anyone with the same ability as yours… and i respect it, you know that… I don’t know why but you keep on drifting away… stopped returning my phone calls, mails, messages… I know what bothers you… but i am not responsible for this, its the f****** system, the TnP and the crap academics, i know you are better than me and you’ll be… but please stop hating me for things for which I’m not responsible… btw hope you still remember those late night algo discussions, lord dadhimort spoofs, your first beer, the fun we had in the last two sems… its unforgettable
Amar Jaiswal, you are one of the best buddies i’ve got… still miss arguing with you over ‘Shyan Munshi’ 🙂 coming b’lore very soon, get ready…
Anoop Ramakrishna, wish i had known you for long, you are the true soul of an Engineer, more interested in our stuff than yours, had an opinion about everything, and i loved all those pre exam discussions with you… Miss those times, I know you’ll do well wherever you are, whatever you are doing… (just an expression… 🙂 I know u are in CMU doing your MS )
Abhimanyu Vohra, Wish we had met in college… Still remember the first talk we had, you asked a few questions about Operating Systems prior to some interview (i guess it was STE) in the last month of collge… and since then we have been friends, never met in person, never talked, never ever chat on gmail of FB 🙂 still its a friendship… just one question for you “Char saal kis kone me chup ke baitha tha college ke… ?”
Anuradha Garg, Miss your ‘I’m no geek’ attitude… while you were, miss the fun loving attitude, miss the photo copies of your notes… no i think taking notes was Snigdha’s task 🙂
Abhishek Agarwal, Won’t write much… i know you ‘Bore ho jayega aur aage padhega hi nahi’ Miss all the rides in your car, rohini to rajouri, your placement interviews, whether its cisco or sapient, everyone had a funny bone in it… you encounters with Vidhi ma’am and Richa (or the Spider) everything with you was fun… hope the ‘Pony Guy’ is keeping you engaged at Spaient.. 😉
Johnson, Careless, Arrogant, Haughty, Proud, Funny, Mithun Fan 🙂 you were one of the best friends in School, Still miss the time spent with you, making fun of KC (the stupid maths teacher) and specially the Encounters with Vandana Dutta Ma’am and her Modern Ideologies :). To tell you I cursed you a hell lot when you took NSIT biotech leaving NSIT computer science, only a crazy like you could’ve done such a thing… Wish you all the luck for your new venture… May the force be with you.!!
Amit Rawat, Mostly with people i always had my ways, but you are the only person who questioned me… for everything, technical, social. academic, movies you ever accepted it… the way u used to came for exams… blank..!! dude that takes guts and only you had it… miss the stuff we did in the final year, the project, vivas with khanduja ma’am, the way you used to tell about movies, your first ever HR interview… It was real fun
Kamal Gupta,
So dude finally you are a lawyer.. huh, someone guessed it right..!! You were the first person to extend a friendly hand to new student in School, a spectacled guy who came challenging all your school toppers, enjoyed the time spent together, you were the most caring friend at the time, one who used to call my mum to ask her ‘Aunty he’s not well… ask him not to study’ Somehow we are not that much in touch now-a-days, still miss those innocent days and BD Estate birthday treats… 🙂
Dubey and Aarti,
No matter what I’ll always count you two as a sinle unit and for me you are inseparable, and don’t you dare to ask me to remove this post… you are few of the best friends i got ( though i do know you did bitch behind my back a few times… but yeah i am a narcissist and deserve that sometimes) in college, dubey’s trouble with gulati’s guitar, the grand ‘Meena’ troubles, the Aarti vs. Aastha duels… miss all that fun
Prateek Gupta,
You know why you are there at the end ?? because you were the one with most of the firsts… 🙂 first bunk from coaching, first time in cyber cafe, my first ever tuition class (Chemistry at Karan), first time in a DTC bus… man i miss your company so much… the fear that mall road burger wala might drug us, fun at Sachdeva… all the bunks from weekend coaching classes, random roaming in Camp and Hakikat nagar, Waiting outside that Gujrat Samaj School waiting for your crush to show up, the RTV fights, the day that guy asked for your watch in bus, the day you, me and Monu were asked for Rs. 100 by some loafer guys and Monu getting slapped and the real fun being on the next day, and yeah Shikha and her ‘Big Show’ look a like brother… an that special incident with Vandana Dutta ma’am… 😉 Miss the innocenct, stupid days spent together… 🙂

Anky, Big B, Aayush, Ginni, Amit Jain, Gaurav Abrol, Shubham Gupta, Barua, Anupam(920), Dev D, Teo, Sameer, APSC, Nitya: I don’t miss you guys… cuz you are always with me 🙂

P.S. The names are not in any specific order of prioritization of friendship, so don’t mind it
P.P.S. Aayush Rungta –  You still owe me that blog..!!
P.P.P.S. Gaurav Abrol & Shubham Gupta – FB pe kam machaya karo yaar 🙂

Sometimes during normal chit-chat people tend to say some queer and funny things, here i’m trying to remember and compile a few of such quotes being said by my friends during the course of past few years. Though i can’t express the true emotion of the context in which those things were said but still these are the tiny little statements that still make me smile for those moments.

1) IIT jane se pehle god-level placements ki kahaniyan sunte the, college se nikalne ke baad god-level placements ki kahaniyan sun rahe hain. Bas apni kahaniyan sun ne ke sapne sapne reh gaye Abhishek Sharma (on IIT-B placements)

2) Chuck Norris can press two b**** with one handAbhimanyu Jain (while random chatter in DCE library)

3) Time ke saath sabko sab kuch nahi toh bahut kuch mil hee jaata hai par mujhe sab chahiye aur mujhe abhi chahiye – Sachin Verma

4) Believe me “Rab nahi dikhta hai”, it’s all hormones playing their part to make sure the world goes on and keeps on seeing new generations – Sachin Verma

5) Mera fuck ho gaya hai – Abhishek Kumar (Before some exam in 2nd Sem)

6) Abe paiso ke sath sex nahi kiya jata, uske liye ladki hi chahiye hoti hai Abhimanyu jain (to Abhishek Agarwal on Dowry Issue)

7) Oye waise Sita Mata Sexy HaiAnupam “Dadhi” (While discussing new Ramayan serial on NDTV Imagine)

8 ) Vampires are impotent, foreplay me hi khoon pee jate hain, kabhi main course tak jaate hi nahi Anant Khokhar

9) I would love to be the monk who sold his Ferrari but for that, I will have to buy a Ferrari firstSachin Verma

10) Ise kabhi apni girlfriend se mat milvana, use bhi tujhse protect kar legaAnant Khokhar (for Devendra Chaudhary)

11) God save thee from the wrath of a hurt womanAmit Rawat (on that psycho girl stalking me)

12) Mera college chahe jaisa bhi ho par itni gandi ladki mere college ki nahi ho saktiSameer Chaturvedi (on Madhu Dalia)

13) Anshul is certainly gay, vo gmail pe ladko ko sweet dreams bolta haiAbhishek Agarwal

14) Kya Dasrath Dasrath (Lord Ram’s Father) laga rakhi hai, kheer kha ke to sale ne bacche paida kiye the can’t Reveal the name 🙂

15) Tika lo Madam Mayank Sharma (offering seat to a Girl in DTC Bus)

16) Yaar hame kabhi aise ladki kyun nahi mili – Avesh Chauhan (ogling a girl in Kamla Nagar, just the day before his marriage :))

17) Girl next door har us ladke ki fantasy hai, jiski na koi girlfriend hai, aur na kabhi hogi – Debosumo Das

18) Aaj ki date me dus hazar me ‘mayawati’ to kya main ‘Raghav Sir’ ko bhi kiss kar lun, bas dikkat ye hai ki zindgi me kabhi aage jake afsos hoga ki dus hazar ke liye ye kaam bhi kiya tha – Can’t reveal the name 🙂 (Though DCEites can guess)

19) I think i’ll loose it soon, things are going great between us… Btw does anyone here know how to test for Premature Ejaculation ? – Should i reveal the name :)? (Ok i nicknamed him “Chotu”)


Well there are a lot more but owing to the censorship imposed by my own self won’t be putting them up here on the blog :). Choose your own favorite one..

ZS Associates was the first company to visit my College (Delhi College of Engineering) for the placement session in my final year (2010). After the 2 hour long PPT there was the written test which had this question in their otherwise awkward and senseless (i always find the selection criteria of these consultancies very random and senseless… anyways no discussion about that here). The question was:

 Write about an incident that has changed the course of your life.

And people went really crazy about answering it; they ran the horses of their creativity in all directions. There was everything – from an ill father, to a blind person on road, to drugs, birds, ants, Solomon’s spider, father’s words of wisdom, poverty, philosophy everything was poured forth. I don’t know what those ‘suited up’ guys were expecting from final year engineering students to write down as their answer but what i was wondering was – what if someone don’t have any such incident, what if someone has always been a smooth person and what I’m saying here is not a good or bad student… just a constant personna.. What has he got to write??

In my opinion no incident however big it may be can’t change the person’s beliefs and perspective to life, no event howsoever big can convert Osama bin laden in Gautam Buddha. A person is what he is, what he thinks and what drives his thinking, any incident ,any failure, examples of pity, struggle etc. can only affect the short term thinking and ideology but to change the perspective of life and the whole course of it… it’s impossible. One can start working out differently, thinking, acting, speaking differently but in the core of his heart he is what he is and every single moment of living all this changed and inspired life he knows that he is not what he’s doing. Say it his guilty concise, his selfishness, his urge to prove something to himself or whatever he is, his actions can change for a matter of days, weeks or months but not his true self.

I won’t argue whether I was right or wrong in writing this down as my answer (and I didn’t even cleared the written test) but for me that was the honest answer.
Personally I have been through a lot of ups and downs lately and if I consider these events (some of which were really unexpected, mean and gross) as the perfect contenders for life changing incidents. But have they changed me… No.
In yeses – yes I did thought a lot, yes I wasn’t able to concentrate on my work, yes my performance declined, and yes it traumatized me, but have these things changed me ?? No, they haven’t… I am still the same, the same old person, with same opinion about life, same opinion about people and same chain of thought. Yes for a week or two, I may be frustrated, or may be motivated but in the end I always end up being the same…. A momentary rush of emotions caused by the outflow of some intended or unintended deeds can barely have an impact on what a person’s general perception about life is… any changes like that of Samrat Ashoka after kalinga war more of the guilt in the subconscious (and yes he was aware of Buddhism and the Buddhists preaching beforehand) so the aversion to war and violence was something that raised from within the subconscious and not from the outcome of an instance of bloodshed. We as humans are vulnerable for change, but not because of an incident or two, it took more of your earlier self that decides the course of your deeds not the momentary sight of a blind person crossing the road.
And even if one says that such incidents do occur…

Well than I’ll be waiting for one.