Looking for a Perfect Girl (For me of course…)

Posted: January 15, 2013 in My Life, Thoughts

Something I wrote a while back but never posted on my blog 
  Originally written on: May 24, 2011

I am a maniac about making lists. I am writing this post because I thought I want to have a list of qualities to look for in a girl when I get married.

To give you an idea about my obsession with lists, let me tell you I have a:

  • Things to do list.
  • Things to buy/shopping list.
  • Places in the world I want to visit list.
  • Things I want to dabble with (non-serious) list, e.g. teaching, singing etc.
  • Possible (serious) career options list, e.g. food critic, cricket-umpiring, literature critic etc.
  • Girls I’m in love with. No examples here, Its just a singleton set :)
  • People I want to kill list. Again no examples here.

and so on and so forth the list of my lists is kinda endless. I guess you have got a grip…

So let me start with the various factors to be taken into consideration while deciding on the girl, hope to get some volunteers to help me out in my search…

1) Should be good looking: good looking enough that people think “How did he get a girl like her?” or “He must be rich!!”, but not so good looking that she is vain about it.

2) Should write and speak good English: good spelling, grammar (because I suck at it) and pronunciation : good enough that I don’t feel like gouging out my eyes or cutting off my ears when she writes or speaks, but not so good that she can’t / won’t speak in Hindi.

3) Should not be very religious: religious / spiritual enough as to believe in God (atheists/agnostics are fine too), but not so religious that every festival has to be celebrated by doing puja/going to temples.

4) Should have a good financial sense: good enough that she knows when to splurge and when to be a miser, but not so good that when she talks money I feel like a 6 year old getting a quantum mechanics lecture.

5) Should be intelligent: intelligent enough as to carry on a conversation with, without me thinking “Death has got to be easier than this”, but not so intelligent that her IQ is more than her weight (in pounds, relax! — I’m assuming a 50 – 55 kg girl here).

6) Should be well-read: enough so that she knows who J.R.R. Tolkien is, but not so well-read that she could moonlight as a librarian.

7) Should have a good general knowledge: (current affairs / history / geography / sports / movies / music) :
History / geography: good enough that she knows what/where Angkor Wat is, but not so good that she wrote / could write its Wikipedia article.
Movies: good enough that she knows who Christopher Nolan is, but not so good that she tells me what was wrong with “The Dark Knight”.
Sports: good enough that she knows who Narain Karthikeyan is, but not so good that she knows who the F1 world champion was in 1967.
Music: good enough that she knows who Vanessa Mae is (I’m really lucky if anyone passes this test ;) ), but not so good that she knows Yanni’s real name and the difference between a soprano, mezzo-soprano and contralto (yes, I had to google the last one)

8) Should be responsible: responsible and independent enough that she can do the chores on her own, but not so independent that she would rather do them on her own.

9) Should be polite: polite enough that people enjoy talking to her, but not so polite that they can treat her
like a doormat and get away with it. Polite so that people are not scared of her & enjoy her company and non-diplomatic so that she can express her opinions articulately . Some one who says that “I didn’t enjoy that place” rather than saying “This place sucks!!!!!!!”.

10) Should be adventurous: adventurous enough so as to try out new types of food, activities, places to see but not so adventurous that she could be on Woman-vs-wild.

11) Should have an active lifestyle: active enough that on weekends she wants to do something more than just doze, but not so active that she is the energy train and I am (reluctantly) on board. (extra points for getting this reference)

12) Should not be a prude: should have a naughty streak and shouldn’t be afraid to show it.

13) [Most Important] Should make me a better person: by inspiring me or reasoning with me, making an argument I can’t refute, and not by making me feel guilty for who I am.

P.S. If she looks like Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman or Yvonne Strahovski, all the above points are moo(t).
P.P.S. If you think I am a misogynist for making such a list, please read the words in brackets of the title of this post again, this is my personal preference, this is who/how I am and I am not sorry for it.

P.P.P.S.  This is an old post contents may/may not be valid now

  1. Manyata says:

    basically you want yourself but female 😛 and should make you a better person too.. a little contradictory.. don’t you think? 😉

    PS: I totally get the making lists part, i have a list for most of the things you mentioned too! i even have an app installed on ll my devices for it 😀 “wunderlist” 😀

    • Akshay Kumar says:

      Not exactly myself, but someone similar, not physically of course 😉 Someone similar to make me better, like i suck at grammar and my diction is questionable, I won’t mind corrections time to time 😛
      But seriously, I’m not like the above list, or maybe I’m!! 😛
      Lists!! some of us just have a fascination for them, though I’m not in the app mode yet 🙂

  2. Richa Misra says:

    You will never get a girl who has all this. However, you will find a girl who loves you and makes you very happy. And then this list would be meaningless. This is how it works. Lets imagine for a moment that you do get somebody who is exactly like this list. But then you would already know her all too well. It will all be predictable. Won’t it be great if the girl is full of pleasant surprises?

    • Akshay Kumar says:

      “You will never get a girl who has all this”
      I guess I’ve… 🙂

      But wait, is that all… ?? Her persona never ceases to surprise me. With each passing day there’s something new, and for the good. But yes most important part is to feel the love and have a feel good about the relationship, given that no lists make any sense any longer.

      P.S. This was written for an online magazine under section ‘humor’, not all the things mentioned applies on me and my choice of girl 🙂

  3. pseudomonaz says:

    If you’ve found a girl who fulfills this criteria, well then you are a really lucky guy. 🙂
    And if every guy follows a list like this, then I am never gonna get married. 😦

    • Akshay Kumar says:

      One revelation – Lucky is my pet name at home!!
      And trust me once you meet the right person, all lists are useless then, all that matters is the companionship of that person, and the list becomes part of some funny blog post 🙂

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