The “In Things” – 2

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Random Bluff

So here I’m back with the second and the last part in the series… Well on personal front, witnessed a lot of the ‘Lovely Couple’ comment mania in the last few weeks, its marriage season here down south. An update on personal front, I’m still waiting for the refund of the Gurgaon Metallica concert, which got Cancelled (obviously it was in Delhi, what can you expect :)) has anyone got it back yet, or I’m the only odd one out??
Coming to the point,  the last in the series of two, here are rest three irritating and absurd statements, making no sense and being used almost daily…

4. All those lovey dovey and sometimes raunchy comments for every status update between girls (mostly)
5. Those half baked status updates where people do take the pain to let people know how are they feeling but are not interested in telling “why” The list of biggest lies and groundless statements 3
6. Money doesn’t matter to me!! (Biggest Lie of All times)

4. All those lovey dovey and sometimes raunchy comments for every status update between girls (mostly)

Any and every status update on a social networking site such as Facebook by any girl attracts some of the most fake sounding and amusing comments… and most of the times from other girls only The list of biggest lies and groundless statements 2 .

Status message can be anything from ”am sad”, “am elated”, “hit my car”, “kisiko uda diya yaar”, “cute puppy”, “sun rose from east today” etc etc…… and the comments section can still contain entries like ”I love u darling”, “tight hug”, “lotzaaaa”, “hi sweetheart”,”hey sexy/hottie etc etc etc” , “muahhhhhhh”, “mwaaahhhhh”, “any other phrase + darling” and all other possible and sometimes censored variants by other girls. The originators of these comments manage to deliver them effortlessly without breaking as much of a sweat… sometimes it starts looking as if a bedroom scene is going on in comments!! Usage of like button (a feature on Facebook) appears to be a complimentary offer alongwith, anything under the sun qualifies for the usage of this button.

In person meetings draw air kisses between girls and those kisses convert into these awesome comments on social networking sites. I guess it must be really difficult to give realistic and true to heart comments. Why would otherwise an “eww missing you girl” comment be there on anything and everything The list of biggest lies and groundless statements 2 probably because it has become a fashion statement and “In” thing to say.

Don’t make everyone believe that legally allowing homosexuality (by decriminalization of section 377 in IPC) in India was actually needed by more people than expected earlier!!!

My point is, please mean what you say!!! If you really love and would really kiss the other girl if you meet her, fine go ahead…. else something real plzzz!!!!

5. Those half baked status updates where people do take the pain to let people know how are they feeling but are not interested in telling “why” 

Again another presumably cool thing to do but equally meaningless to the audience. Just put on a half baked status update about how are you feeling. Anything from a smiley, some dots, or “am sad”, “am happy”, “am dreaming”, “am disappointed”, “am down” or “am up” etc could do the trick!!

The responders to these status updates are not any less interesting either. Some amuse by replying with a meaningless smiley or special characters to an equally meaningless status update, some simply go with the flow and shoot out suggestions and advice on how to live the life without knowing what was the actual reason behind the status message. Another major section of responders to such an update is made of clueless and confused poor souls who are trying to uncover the secret that elicited this status update in first place… All those why, what, how, when, where comments are thanks to these guyz.

The owner of the status update can’t have asked for more The list of biggest lies and groundless statements 3 first people would ask for the reason and then would respond on hearing the full news. You have already doubled the expected number of comments on your status update and hence would roam on the recent updates pages of your friends for more time The list of biggest lies and groundless statements 3

6. Money doesn’t matter to me!!

This is the category of people who are farthest from the truth and 99% of them surely are if not all. You want to don nice clothes, stay in air-conditioned places, drive a car, eat good food at best restaurants, have those expensive pegs down the throat, visit exotic places and raise a family but money doesn’t matter to you!! believe me, no uncle of yours is gonna pay for any of those things!!

I really fail to understand why people want to portray as if Amitabh Bachaan himself visited their home, pleaded them of taking 5 crore rupees from him but they said no to him because money is not important for them. Somebody like bill gates could say that because he already have so much but how can someone who doesn’t have enough can claim that!!

If you are being really true to your heart when claiming that, I would suggest you to go for sainthood and stop thinking about continue living in modern society. It may not matter to you but if you are planning to have a generation, it would matter to them!! If you can’t grow your own food, can’t live in a jungle or can’t stay without your car, a.c. or wallet, please ascertain yourself that money matters to you!! Earn enough to help yourself, to help those who are unfortunate and don’t have enough money to have food for two times and help your generations to come..!!

  1. Radhika Gupta says:

    Lol.. 😀 I think you missed out something while writing about lovey dovey comments b/w girls… “Awwwww” 😀 😀

  2. viv says:

    Its true, money doesn’t matter to me…if my salary is ENOUGH to pay my rent and buy myself pretty dresses at the end of the month 🙂

    • @viv: and could sponsor your euro trips, and a nice 40 inch LED TV, a new car and this, and that…. 🙂

      • viv says:

        hmmmm…am not so interested in the 40 inch LED but the euro trips wouldn’t be so bad. However, if I cant afford that it wont stop me from being happy as long as I can still afford to buy pretty dresses and accessories 🙂

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