The “In Things” – 1

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Random Bluff

Hello world… The list of biggest lies and groundless statements 1
Following my B’day I guess I should put a break on sucking up and move forward, maybe some day I’ll just look back and read the last post and will think “WTF was that me, what the hell happened then”… ohkk not exactly my thoughts, ren suggested this as a possibility… anyways the objective of this post is to draw attention to some of the most fake, meaningless and groundless statements/lies nowadays flaunted by people and considered a fashion statement or “The IN thing” as they call it. A few of the observations specifically point to behaviour on facebook.

The statements summary for today:

  1. Generous use of adjectives in response to any newly engaged or married couple’s photo.
  2. Love happens only once (babu moshai, jindagi mein pyaar bas ek baar hota hai!!)
  3. My spouse means the whole world to me (mujhe apne saathi mein rab dikhta hai)

Observation in detail:

1. Generous use of adjectives in response to any newly engaged or married couple’s photo.

A photo of a newly engaged or married couple attracts responses full of all the possible adjectives. Anything from ”sexy couple”, “you two look beautiful together”, “the best couple”, “awesome couple”, “you two complement each other” etc etc make the grade!!
Some couples definitely deserve these but is it necessary that every couple qualifies for these ?? Now i really mean it..!!

After going through the chain of comments, it appears as if in the “Mr and Mrs Universe” contest, Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie’s pair would only manage to come up runners-up after the emergence of this couple of ours…

In most cases, even if the almighty himself come out of thin air to assure you in your face that the couple is indeed sexy, you will not buy it (in the desi tongue,saakshat devta bhee aake kahen kee accha couple hai toh aap vishwaas nahi karoge) but when it comes to commenting on the pic (and mostly on social networking sites), you would still use all the adjectives you have ever learnt in your life!! It’s other thing that deep inside, you may be thinking about how worse/average can it get when it comes to pairing up, or probably trying to weigh the tonnes of makeup the lady is wearing or wondering if the guy was looking better in a jungle themed fancy dress show as compared to his wedding!!!

Why can’t people just give true wishes from heart for their good life instead of just following the fashion statement of equating the couple to Greek gods!!!

2. Love happens only once (babu moshai, jindagi mein pyaar bas ek baar hota hai!!)

Claiming to have fallen in love only once ever has almost become a fashion today. It appears to me as if everyone is roaming around with a single bedroom apartment in place of a heart and this flat can be occupied by only one tenant for ever!!!

I’m yet to see or hear of a real world devdas who had said no to Madhuri Dikshit even when she lost Aishwarya Rai because he fell in love only once… there is a reason why that story converted into a film and the reason is that it was a rare “story”

Till people are in a relationship or are fresh from a break up and have had no success or luck in finding another good and worthy date/alliance, these dialogues will keep on coming from these amateur lovers…. It takes a lot of experience to understand the meaning of this emotion and you are no Arjun to hit bull’s eye in your first attempt.

If you believe me, our hearts are no less than any 5 star hotel. You can check in as many guests/permanent residents as you want and whenever you want. As the saying goes… you gotta have a large heart (dil bada hona chahiye).

If you haven’t studied biology in your school because you were too busy in love then lemme help you. Emotions, love and every other kind of feeling that we experience is because of some complex chemical reactions, hormonal bursts and electrical discharges in several parts of our bodies and these are completely reversible and infinitely reproducible phenomenon with a life lasting renewable source of energy…. so please forget that “only once” theory irrespective of who taught it to you….

So friend, by claiming that love can happen only once for you, don’t highlight your helplessness and inability to love or be loved. Don’t assure everyone out there that even the first love that happened to you was an accident and was a result of your good deeds in last incarnation of yours otherwise you would have come and gone out of the world with a single status only!! In such a big world, there is always someone better than the best known person! Don’t behave as if you tried and rejected everyone in the world before finalizing your first love and now no one can be better than him/her!!

Go out, love and be loved. Don’t hold yourself back for something that didn’t work out… Life moves on, its your call to move along with or not.

3. My spouse means the whole world to me (mujhe apne saathi mein rab dikhta hai)

Now this is another classical example of exaggerated statement leading to unrealistic expectations and most often than not, it comes from girls.

It’s always good to let people remain human in a humane relationships and don’t start equating them to super human or heavenly world until and unless you want your relationship to resemble one of the devotee and god’s!!

This ”my world” funda directly translates to the start of bad times for the guy  (seedha matlab hai bande ka band baj gaya…) as they are the ones who are affected in the worst manner. First raise someone to the status of super human without his consent and then, if the poor soul behaves as a mere mortal, start feeling disappointed and dejected!!

By claiming that your spouse is your world, you are implying that there is nothing else in the world for you to do and take interest in!! Now he is going to be your centre of attention day in and day out and should be ready to answer all kind of questions like why do you talk to that girl?, why do you come late from office?, why don’t you pamper me any more ?and why you dont call me hot now!! (hindi mein bolen toh office se late kyun aate ho?, ghar pe khaana kyn nahi khaate ho?, mujhe dekhkar khil kyn nahi jaate ho?, ab mujhe utna kyun nahi hasatate ho!!!!!)

One should try and remain human and let others remain human too in a relationship. By doing so you would have realistic expectations, would be able to give personal space to your spouse and would be happy in real sense. The world is beautiful, do interesting things and learn new skills instead of putting the tag of world on your spouse.

It’s 3 A.M. better I hit bed, though not feeling sleepy at all but in case I don’t want to miss the morning show of this stupid movie I’ll be watching just to keep up with people, I should try to sleep…
So time to say bbye, rest in the next part… The list of biggest lies and groundless statements 2

  1. Radhika Gupta says:

    A very true and hilarious post.. in the biology para you sounded so much like the Sheldon from the Big Bang theory.. 😀 😀

  2. Radhika Gupta says:

    Ohh.. 😀 For your kind info, i have never used that phrase… Even I don’t like it!!

  3. renxkyoko says:

    Whoa ! Talking of down to earth…… but everything you say here is true. Here in the US, there’s a word that really annoys the heck out of me everytime someone uses that to describe a person……. HERO ! Not that I don’t appreciate what someone has done, like rescuing a cat that got stuck up in a tree, but why call him a hero ? The meaningless use of this word has definitely degraded the real meaning of “hero” . So what is the person who dies to save another ?

    • @Ren: lol “rescuing a cat that got stuck up in a tree” 😀 😀 well for the small kid who owns the cat he might be one, but still… 🙂

      one “rescuing a cat that got stuck up in a tree” – Superhero ?? 🙂

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