The Nomenclature

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Random Bluff

It’s easily one of your most important assets. Not many, nah, to be precise none of us realise how essential it is. It is something that has been yours since your birth (a few others might have the same one, but yeah still it’s ‘your’) , in some cases even before that. Its almost like your first ID into the human world. I am not even going to ask you guys to guess what it is ( like you bother anyway !!) . Its our NAMEs that am talking about.

I know, I must be completely jobless to be writing a blog about NAMES !! ( Dont worry, I am not, not yet..!! ). But seriously, did you ever wonder how the idea of naming people came into existence. And even when it did, how did they chose to name after some word or phrase or sound . What if the masterminds had decided to start naming with numbers. He he he, What a thought ?

Mom shouts at the sight of her mud clad son, “5643 ( Short for 5643.56 ) , Look what you’ve done to yourself ?! Huh!! “
The Advertisement replied , ” Dont worry, 637 hai na !! ”  ( ” Dont worry, 637 is here !! “)

Actually, we really don’t appreciate our identities much . It comes throughout your life. Even if you wanted it or not. You did not chose to have it. Your parents did. And by the time you decide that it does not sound like you , its too late. Sometimes you just dont connect to it. For example, Names like Elizabeth, Alexander, Marcus etc.., really don’t sound like an Engineer, Beautician or a Chef. I mean, imagine Alexander The Engineer !!! or Hercules the Sweeper..!!
But Yeah, there are some people who simply learn to live with it while some give a new meaning to it. Names like Aristrotle or Shakesphere ( or ‘Duryodhan’ and ‘Shakuni’ ) can not be dared to be used again ever ( unless you wanted your kid to grow up in a lifetime of mockery! ) .

Indian names are all the more interesting. The most common observation in the pattern of Indian boy names and girl names would be that, you find almost 99% of the girl names ending with long ‘a’ or ‘i’ or ‘e’ (alka, manyata, rashmi, jyoti etc.) and boy names ending with short ‘a’ or ‘n/m’ or short ‘h’ . Well this is mainly because in Sanskrit all the “स्त्रीलिंग ” (feminine) nouns end with vowels. Being one of the most revered language, Indians don’t try to mess with the norms. If they did, the name ends up confusing the gender ( Which does not make a very good ID !! ) .

As if this were not enough, we had the surnames attached too. And this is where you start looking beyond the person . This is where things start to go little further about the man, his origin, religion, language etc etc. A totally unneccesary addition. If you did want a fashionable second name , why not keep your fathers name instead or if your rebellious enough why not try your mothers name ?
Starting merely as a demand to identify a person , Names have taken different forms and shapes serving more than just the purpose of its existence. I doubt if the trend would ever change. But , Whatever the name you adorn, live a life that gives a meaning to your name rather than living to satisfy the bounds of your name . Add the suffix -ness or -ism to it and give your name a life of its own, a memory that’ll never die .

PS :- I spread Akshayism. what do you ?


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