Hey Wassup.. ? How’s life ?

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Random Bluff

Hi dude ? Wassup ?? How’s life ?

This is probably the first thing your long lost friend asks you when you are accidentally online on some social networking site at the same time, and somehow he decides to ‘ping’ you to get to know ‘wassup’ with you. ( by long time, i don’t mean the time that you’ve exactly taken to forget the poor dude(tte) in front of you and vice versa ).

Even those who were with you in college or your last company also qualify for this perfectly…
In fact, cut the sarcasm, this is probably the first thing just about anybody asks you when they are in terrible desperation to start a conversation. So, how exactly are you supposed to answer this question without actually meaning to answer ? Because, face it.. your life is not something you can actually explain as an answer to a question with 2 words in length. And specially in these times you won’t tell that your girlfriend is not talking to you because you called her brother fat, or that your job sucks, or you are broke, or some bouncers just pushed you out of the bar last night, or that you are not loosing weight despite regular workout… We just want to play it safe, look cool and careless… in best of spirits.Generally we say,
1) “Am fine, how’s yours ?” – Which means, I really dont wish to discuss MY life with you and am certainly not interested in yours ! still if you have something bothering you it’ll be fun to know..
2) “Going on.. “ – Which means, Its going on BAD ! and at least one of the things I mentioned above or even worse that that is haunting me..!!
3) “Ya… going on” – For those you who are thinking, whats the big “ya” going to make a difference to point 2 and 3 ? Well, the much prolongated “ya” simply means… hmm, its not too bad.. but nothing’s happening.
A smaller “ya” would mean, am just trying to answer your question faster cause my life is boring anyway !!
4) “Super” – This one’s tricky, The answer can be either sarcastic, more like “duh… am dying and you ask me how is life ?” Or it can actually be Super ! ( Yeah, dont be surprised.. some life stories are actually “super” !!)
5) “Bindaas”– Okay, that’s the hindi slang. And this means, the dude doesnt give a damn to his life or your question!

Anyway, Apart from all the amazing gyan that am boring you with early in morning, i think “how’s life?” is a question thats used quite liberally. Imagine the poems it can bring out of a person when asked at the right time, in the right tone, with the right emotion and right look !
Hmm… time to hit the keyboard for some work now… ;)

P.S. Will be going home this Friday, already in the festive mode, not having even a fraction of a mood to work anymore… :(
P.P.S. Excited for the Metallica concert.. won’t be attending the first Indian F1 though.. maybe next year… :)

  1. Radhika Gupta says:

    Haha!! True.. 😀 sometimes the person who has been pinged goes offline immediately without even replying!! 😀

    • Akshay Khokhar says:

      Now don’t you talk of these people who goes offline… the leading one is your batchmates only… and leading from the front is one and only Pushkar Arora 😀 look what he did just today:

      1:41 PM
      Pushkar: Hello!
      me: hi

      1:43 PM
      Pushkar: how are u

      1:46 PM
      me: kya tha ye ? 😛

  2. Radhika Gupta says:

    ROFL.. 😀 😀

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