Boy Meets Girl

Posted: October 29, 2011 in My Life, The One with a Twist

Yesterday, still on my vacation in Delhi I was sitting with three of my friends in Haldiram’s at Cannaught Place, eating my favourite Rasmalai, damn I just couldn’t resisit it, I know its fatty with bare minimum nutritious value, Still… :)

The place was almost empty, leave apart some guys-only groups and some random average looking couples. And there were these three people sitting next to us on a table… An Uncle, an Aunty and THE Girl… the parents were all tensed up and silent, and the girl was just texting someone non stop, no one uttered a single word. A few moments later few more people joined in… couple of Uncles, two more aunties and THE Boy, clad in a white shirt, not so handsome… just average boy next door… pleasantries exchanged… The girl had excused herself for the washroom just before this new lot of middle aged people walked in.
Both pair of parents were busy impressing the other. THE Boy was being interviewed in a civilized manner, education, hobbies, this and that… and then walked in in THE Girl… more pleasantries, THE Boy looked at THE girl, THE girl looked at THE boy, and there was this divine connection, speechless… faces turning Red, all middle aged hearts surrounding them were ready to give their blessings to the ‘to-be’ couple.
Now it was the Boy’s turn to do the Texting, nervously… spreading the good word to his friends..!!
Strangely, they didn’t look up at each other after that one ‘divine’ connection.
As per trend after 10-15 minutes the grown ups all stood up to go and place the order (its a self service restaurant) leaving the ‘potential’ couple in each other’s company…

The couple was left there smiling at each other, they talked a little bit, which unfortunately we weren’t able to hear (good for them :D ). Anyways the parents returned some 15 minutes later with the eatries, and we concentrated on our rasmalais too..!!

Once done, the Girl’s Dad asked the Boy “To beta kaisi lagi Leena tumnhe” [“So, Son how do you find our girl.. you like her?”]

Seriously what the heck was he expecting to hear back… even if he liked her he won’t say on face, well at least thats what they show in movies :D , well I must say the Boy was indeed smart he elbowed his mum with a grim face, gazes exchanged, and luckily the Auntyji got it… “Guptaji hume to sab accha laga, baki ghar par thoda discuss karke aapko batate hain” [“Well Sir we liked your family and your daughter, we just need to go home and discuss and we’ll let you know”]
Sharp mommy I must say… similar thing happened with my elder brother’s friend once, the girl happened to be a bit healthy (read 75 kgs) compared to his lean structure (65 approx), and unluckily his mum got the elbow all wrong, thinking it a nod of approval, congratulating the girl’s parents instantly, what happened in the following days deserves a separate blog post for itself.

Anyways coming back to our Boy and Girl, the Girl’s dad insisted to pay the Bill and they left again with some more pleasantries..

Once they were gone the uncles and aunties surrounded the Boy, all with close-up smiles

“Beta kaisi lagi ladki, tumhari mummy ko aur mujhe to badi pasand aayi” [“So how was the Girl,, me and your mum find her really lovely”]

“Family bhi acchi hai” [“Even the Girl’s family is good too”] the mother added adjusting her specs.
And the Boy was smiling now, shaking his head

“Beta sharmao mat bolo bhi” [“Don’t feel shy, come on say it”] Added the Uncleji accompanying the family.

All the eyes were on the BOY… even the few people sitting nearby were looking eagerly.

“Papa aap vo mere dost ko jante ho… Sahil” [“Hey Dad, have you met that friend of mine… the guy named Sahil”]

“Haan vahi garments shop wale Gupta ji ka ladka” [“Yeah the one who’s dad owns a Garments Store”]
“Haan vahi, ye Leena usi Sahil ki Girl friend hai, ladki dekhne jane se pehle kam se kam photo to manga liya karo”
[ “yeah the same one, this Girl is the same guy’s Girlfriend, At least do ask for the Girl’s picture before arranging a meeting next time” ]

And the four of us burst into a fit of Laughter, the Boy stared us for a moment, winked and then started grinning himself… the parents were all staring.. open mouthed..!!

P.S. Strange coincidences do occur in life..!!
P.P.S. If you are a parent with a son/daughter eligible for marriage, please don’t arrange to meet up at crowded public places, you might end up being the subject of some whimsical blogger like me.. :D

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