The Journey Back Home..!!

Posted: October 22, 2011 in My Life, Why Me ??

Ahhaa I’m back in Delhi, exactly after 2 months and 12 Days… and God knows how much I longed for this much awaited vacation, this is festive season and even a thought of staying away from my family at this time of the year is horrifying enough.
Indeed this time it’s different, got the heavenly wordings from my manager before leaving “Go and enjoy your vacations”, I’m damn sure something big is lined up as soon as I’m back… well we’ll see to that.

And as usual it was all hectic for me… stuffed my bag just in the morning, locked my door, forgot the laptop charger inside, came back from ground floor, and to add to the trouble the elevator wasn’t working.
Well the travel was engaging and interesting, came across  the most sober, gentle and down to earth IIM graduate (calcutta passout, oops Kolkata), he’s a Program Manager in Microsoft only, a 2007 passout from my own alma mater DCE, maybe that was the reason he was that cool with me, indeed he was warm in mannerism, someone i’ll definitely like to meet again.

And I had a rickety flight too… the take off itself reminded me of the Pilot Episode of Lost, plus all the turbulence, the dimming lights and the panic stricken crew… loved the tension in there, later got to know that the co-pilot was a women (no offence ladies… :P ). Unlike my usual self, this time I had a little chat with my co-passenger, some guy from Infosys, he was working on this ‘I Diya’ B plan, which was indeed Impressive. And to my surprise almost 50% of the on-boarded people were from Microsoft, there were too many familiar faces, Windows 7 phones, and all the Red backpacks with the Microsoft Logo, and not only Microsoft, rest 30% contribution was definitely from Deloitte, the Dell Laptops stuffed in ugly HP bags.

And then this Metro Station at Rajeev Chowk (a.k.a. Cannaught Place)… the security guys, took my luggage aside, the typical haryanvi accented guys, while my brother was already waiting for me at Kashmiri Gate, how much I cursed the decision of not asking him to come and pick me up from Airport, well what was done was done. And the cop began in his own ruthless tone, well the Delhi Police is notorious for this.

“Haan bhai ke hai isme, koi electrical samaan hai ke?”
“Umm… nothing that I know of, just  some clothes and gifts”
“koi baat ni, hum dekh lenge… ure ne aaja, khol de bag”
< Here joins in the Sub Inspector, or whoever he was had two stars on this uniform>
“ke baat hai harbir… ??”
“Is bhai ke bag me kuch samaan hai”
<Oh hell It’s a bag , it will obviously have ‘some stuff’>
“Haan to khulva le”
<How much I wanted to tell him my brother is a Section Officer in Home Ministry #WeIndians… :P >
“Kahan te aaya bhai”
“Err… hyderabad”
“Tere bag pe to  airport ka tag hai, metro me chada hai tu Rajeev chowk te”
“Actually I had to meet a friend”
<By this time the junior cop was done with an autopsy of my Travelling bag, Inside out>
“Is gift wrap me ke hai”
“Biscuits and cookies”
“Hyderabad te tu bas ‘Biskut’ leke aaya hai”
and the three of them (by this time one more had joined in) had this big laugh.
“Well there is this famous karachi bakery in hyderabad its muffins and cookies are very famous”

By this time the constable opened up aside zipper and brought out the magnetic card reader I was carrying.

All breaks on their laughter, the senior one spoke ” Yu ke hai chore… detonator “
WTF… did those morons even know what a detonator looks like..
“Well this isn’t a detonator, its just a simple card reader, i use it to connect to my office network and do a remote login on office machines”
I guess, the technicality pissed them off a big time.
“Andar aaja chore, checking lo re iske”
Now this was getting bit too much… I was irritated too…
“I’m an engineer and I work in a pretty big company, you better be careful”
“Haan to engineer hai to checking na lein teri”
Now it was way too much, I was agitated all i did was pick out my phone and called my brother, to hell with the cellular networks… I didn’t had a signal.. now what..??
The cops were even more pissed off by this new gesture of mine, and I was dreading all those movies, where the cops pick up the innocents, and kill them off in fake encounters… no I’m just kidding, I was just irritated at their stupidity.
It was bit chaotic so some suited up metro guy just came in, was in mid forties, looked quite decent, he asked what all that fuss is about, I tried to explain it to him, luckily he was smart, he smiled and called the Chief Security Officer.

The Security Officer came in, good lord his cousin was an Engineer and he knew about Card Readers and the Remote Login, he smiled and patted my shoulder..
“Sorry kid, but you know… the kind of eligibility criteria we’ve for being a cop, they are not bad, just ignorant, So where do you work”
By this time all hopes of expecting an enlightened cop in Delhi was gone..
“I mean Which Company ?”
“Ohh cool… kinect was great hit, windows phone was dismal though how’s windows 8 coming… ? “
I was dumbfounded… this dude did know all about it (and he wasn’t some ACP, just a sub inspector) , and was able to communicate in fluent English too… he started it I didn’t :D

Guess all cops aren’t stone..!!
I had a small chat with him for a few minutes, and moved towards the metro line to Kashmiri Gate..
In and all it proved out to be a happening day..!!

Back home, as expected I was greeted with a small and affectionate lecture on the state of my hair… “acche gharon ke bacche aise baal nahi rakhte”, the battle continued till today and finally I got the nod of approval after this ‘no-pony’ treaty. Plus my mum cooked some wonderful stuff for me, home cooked food is one of the biggest things I miss in Hyderabad :(. The MTNL broadband connection sucks even more now. Well as for another update on vacations, tomorrow I have this school get together to attend and I’m really looking forward to meet some old pals, some of which I haven’t seen since years.
Plus its festive season so I guess Monday will be spent in shopping only… :)


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