Irrelevant Bullet Points

Posted: October 1, 2011 in My Life

I want to write. A lot. But something is stopping me. I feel bad, depressed, and nothing good is coming to my mind, have tried to write on a different things, but nothing is making sense these days. May be this is something what they call ‘Writer’s Block’. Moreover my speculations of abandoning this blog is scaring a hell lot out of me. I remember back in college a lot of my friends used to write a blog, or at least a diary, and now… everything is gone.
Getting nothing to pen down I think I will write irrelevant bullet points and try to get out of this… umm what to call… ‘Phase’ :

  • Been watching movies on HBO, Sony Pix, etc these days, have seen almost all of these before, still liking them.
  • Playing a lot of Online poker these days, up to the level of obsession… once even commented that poker is the ‘Best Game ever created by human race’.
  • We had some poker plans last night at Abhay’s place and I backed out at the last moment, stayed in office till midnight working on this new Windows 8 app me and Ravi are making. I think we’ve done some decent work on this comic book reader, only for the customer feedback to suggest something else.
  • I’m ‘available’ on yahoo chat after a long time and chatting with my schoolmate who is in London. How he became hard working after 12th is a puzzle that cannot be solved.
  • Forgot to call my mum last night, and she was way too freaked out… mums are melodramatic sometimes… period..!!
  • I’m listening to good music…. or at least I consider it Good.
  • I want to read. Non-fiction, preferably. I have read a lot and still want to read more… this hunger will never end.
  • Finally I have quit chocolates and Ice creams, will be working out regularly from now on…  <I’m not fat I’ll be Working out for muscles not to loose weight>
  • I’m fed up with people looking upto me, specially my college juniors. Maybe I’m good in a few things, still I’m just a simple guy, who happens to work at some good software company, and is kinda good at coding and algorithms.. the way they set their expectations from me, makes me feel nervous.
  • Since past three days hooked onto ‘Iron Maiden’ and ‘Porcupine Tree’ completely.
  • Won’t be doing any outdoor activity this weekend, just stretch my legs, relax, read a little and sleep… as much as I can.
  1. Spectator says:

    I too love this time of the year, the atmosphere especially, and Snow Patrol and MGMT sound magical in the air at this time of the year :)ps – You are my idol. Day and night I think I want to follow in your footsteps.:P

  2. Akshay Kumar says:

    "You are my idol. Day and night I think I want to follow in your footsteps"et tu brute… 😛

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