You Northie…!!

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Hyderabad, My Life, The One with a Twist

Its been almost an year in Hyderabad, and I just witnessed my first discriminatory conversation last week. Though it was a funny chit chatter between friends over lunch but still…
The scene consists of me and few of my friends (Nick, Anna (as we fondly call him), megha, rashmi and avanthi) from office sitting in Taj Banjara, waiting for our lunch to be served and like the normal days we were in argument.. (gosh some people can’t keep company even for 5 minutes without a debate :()

Anna: You Northies …

I interrupted him, raising a stern hand, but Nick cut me short

Nick: (articulating ev.ery syl·la·ble)  I am not a N..o..r..t..h..i..e

Anna: Of course you are

Nick: I am from Nagpur, for God’s sake..

Anna: My point exactly. You are a Northie

Nick: How does that make me a Northie?

Anna: Are you from Andhra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala or Karnataka?

Nick: No..!!

Anna: Therefore you are a Northie. Anybody who is not from the southern 4 states is a Northie. Do I have to make it any clearer?

Nick: That’s a demented logic, you are a moron

Anna: What is wrong with you Northies? A guy from Nagpur claims he is not a Northie. A guy from Bombay is not a Northie. The guy from Delhi is not a Northie nor is the guy from Kolkata. Let me state it for the record, you are all Northies.

Nick: Whatever… North is relative anyway

Anna: That is what every run-of-the-mill wimp says when he knew he completely and miserably lost the argument..

Somehow heroically I came to Nick’s rescue, with the intention of cooling down Anna I started…

Me:  “whatever,” Madrasi..don’t you..

Before I could finish myself, Anna lunged at me in rage, hold my collar and pulled me towards him, his eyes are a foot from mine, his face contorted with anger. (his eyes were saying – didn’t you see any South movies? look what can I do to you)

He mumbled something in a hoarse voice, his spit splattering on his face… lips trembling and said:
” Don’t… ever… call me… a Madrasi. I am from Andhra “

And we all were dumbstruck, with our mouth open..!!

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Hilarious, but uhm, I don't get it….. what is it between the North and the South ? Although I must say we're no better here in the US…. East, West, South….. we from the west , Washington, Nevada ( Ca, Oregon, etc… Pacific side ) are hecka lot different, or so we say, hahaha. One can tell from the accent…. "Dude, wazzup ".

  2. Akshay Kumar says:

    Hi renxkyoko… wazzup Dude?? :PYeah you don't get it cuz you don't know Indian states… :)well its like this… the guy is ready to mark another guy a northie only because he's not from the four states he mentioned, and when I called him a Madrasi (people from a certain state called 'Madras' in south) he got furious because he lives in a state 'Andhra' which is in north of 'Madras'… (though still in South India)Kinda ironic one who mocks others for being northie… himself prides in being from 'North among the southern states'

  3. been there.. done that.. liked the article..

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