Now that’s love to me

Posted: May 9, 2011 in My Life, Thoughts

Somebody Important (not Important anymore…) once said that you can’t determine the merit of a person until you’ve seen them in crisis. Or something like that; I can’t remember the exact quote and I’m too lazy to look it up. Regardless, I agree with this statement. You can’t really, truly know a person until something terrible happens. Take this event, for example.

Sometime during the Final semester of my graduation, In the month of March I guess, I started The White Tiger, the book I bought from Daryaganj Sunday market the day before and I was instantly hooked. The pacing was great, the storyline was interesting, and I was really digging it. And when I get genuinely hooked on a book, it’s dangerous. For example, I started The Kite Runner one evening at about 11pm, legitimately found myself unable to put it down, and stayed up until seven in the morning to finish it.

When I come across such books, I become a non-functional human being. There were times (in school, in the dropped year for IIT coaching, and in College) where I would hide my book under my desk, tune out the teacher and read all day, or spend my entire lunch break not eating or socializing, but reading some more. I have perfected the art of walking and reading, just so I don’t have to lose precious minutes I could be spending with a great book. So basically I spent the first half of the day reading, walking (and reading) to DCE library, and read through that next lecture too. I went to lunch and finished the book before the food arrived. When it was time to leave, I noticed that Delhi weather was trying to screw with me again and there was another heavy downpour going on.

So here’s the moment of crisis. Four people, two umbrellas. I buddied up with Tapasya to share her umbrella, but there just wasn’t really enough room for me. In a dramatic and self-sacrificing moment, I shove my book in her bag, zip it up, and tell her to keep it safe as I run into the rain, knowing that I couldn’t save both myself and my book from getting soaked.

Seriously though, the way I did this you would have thought I was at war and had found a wounded comrade, carried him back to safety, and then thrown myself on a grenade in some grand gesture of heroics. I got drenched to save a book, a pirated copy that I had already finished, from a little water damage…

Now that’s love to me… 🙂

  1. renxkyoko says:

    You can keep it dry under your shirt ! HahaI'm like that too with books that I liked ( when I used to read books, not manga, hehe ). I couldn't leave the house without my security blanket… a pocketbook in my hand.

  2. Akshay Kumar says:

    Wow… good to know, i love readers, specially girls who read…hehebtw I would've done the same even for manga… 😛 anyways can you suggest some good mangas… something like Death Note.. ??

  3. Spectator says:

    Your success story on aglasem got me here. I googled and found your blog.So I have in my mind a programmer with spectacles who spends all his time programming.The looks turn out to be as expected, but the personality doesn't.This is the first post I have read, and yes, it is love not only for you, but for everyone else too.You earned yourself one more regular follower now.

  4. Akshay Kumar says:

    "Your success story on aglasem got me here. I googled and found your blog." You Stalker…. :PThanks for liking and following the blog… 🙂

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