Concerns of a Home-Goer: 10 Quick Updates

Posted: April 30, 2011 in My Life

Its been 9 days at home and almost all my concerns came to be real… 🙂 A quick update –

1. Somehow I am spared the hair cut.. lucky me… 🙂 but next time mum won’t listen..!!
2. “Should i get a haircut?” and I lost 5-1 and of course I’ll go with the minority (even she wasn’t on my side), simply quoted “do as you wish” was all she said and I’ll go with her 🙂
3. I was never broke, the discussion of bank account and savings did come, and my parents are happy (note- happy but not very happy) 🙂
4. Mom has completely forgotten the hukka pics, but this time these are someone else’s pics in my phone she noticed… 🙂
5. Treats – I assume everyone is happy this time… Shivani is the one still left… and yeah Shubham too… oops but there is nothing in store for him… 😉
6. And yes the haughty uncleji visited too, and luckily I wasn’t called in to meet him.. 🙂
7. No visits to masi, though i feel bad, umm… next time 🙂
8. Once again Gaurav Abrol is in the list of my facebook friends… 🙂
9. I’m officially a graduate now, got my graduation degree… 🙂
10. And out of context – for the first time i got 28 (and still counting) likes on any of my facebook status update… 🙂

And the smiley at the end of every update is enough to prove how much I love being here in Delhi 🙂


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