Concerns of a Home-Goer

Posted: April 18, 2011 in My Life, Why Me ??

This friday I’m going home… to spend around 2 weeks in Delhi, yeah I’m happy, finally I’m getting a break from this monotony of routine (though I’m much more umm… call it indisciplined compared to the years I spent at home). But more than that I’m concerned.. concerned about a lot of things.

To begin with the worst of my fears, I haven’t got a haircut in months, my hair are untidy and growing in every possible dimension, somewhere deep down my heart I know that for sure my mum is gonna ask me for a haircut, and when I’ll decline she’ll compare it to a lot of petty people ranging from… lets not go there 🙂 and the worse fear of all… what if even Big B came to her aid.. no matter what I’ll stood up to them, at least I’ll try to 😦
Finally after living like a parasite on my dad’s hard earned money, I’m earning now… but what if anybody asked me for my bank account… with Big B its cool.. but what if dad asked me what I’ve saved till date, or worse.. what’s my current liquidity status… I don’t want to lie.. better i avoid any discussion about bills, salary, rent, expences or anything that could bring up this topic.

Then there are those friends and juniors asking for treat… well I’ve succeded on past few occassions in delusioning them, giving many excuses.. hope it works this time too.. else a few grands at max, not a big deal but still a concern for my already ill spent pocket.
And yeah the pic I accidently uploaded on facebook, the one in which I’m puffing a hukka beaming with joy, taking pride on the amount of smoke i puffed out, well mama wasn’t cool after seeing that… though i convinced her on phone that I don’t smoke and this is for the first time ever I tried this stuff on dandeli picnic…  kya maa, sab log pics ke liye pose maar rahe the, aap bhi naa.. but what if she still remembers that pic, or what if something remind her of it… nooo.. I don’t want that long streak of lectures again.. 🙂

To add a few more – I fear that this haughty and arrogant uncleji who’s son works at Styam might encounter me or worse what if my dad asked me to go and met him… I’ll better go alone wander a few minutes in some park and come back to tell dad that he wasn’t home.. yes it’ll work
Also I don’t want to visit my masi..  no i don’t… please I want to rest in peace at my own home, with my parents, will met my friends, but no.. i just don’t want to met ya… 😦 but as always i know she’ll cook up some plan to make me visit her place… I like her and her kids, but please i want to stay home…

And the final one – I am concerned that what if me and my bro are to buy something again, specially some electronics stuff… i don’t want a Nehru place part 2 😉


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