Why I write this Blog

Posted: April 6, 2011 in My Life

Today jayesh (the Foodie of my team :)) came over to my cube and said “hey don’t write for the heck of writing it, what was this “Korean Movie” stuff… only write when you have something good to write, you do write good and should write that way only…”
This made me think a bit, do i profess to become some successful writer from this, do i pretend to be omniscient, or do i write it for the sake of looking cool…? No, none of these reasons, i write it beacuse i love to… I’m might or mightn’t be good at it, but writing good stuff is not the point, my point is to to be happy… and if i feel a bit satisfied for writing about some of small things happening to me, or some of my ideas about life and the things in it… i don care much..!!


I would like to make a clarification to every one who either on purpose or accidently visit my blog… I am no preacher of philosophy, art, living styles, neither do i intend to show off or mourn over how more/less i know about this life and universe, neither do i intend to become a writer/philosopher/thinker. I’m just a normal guy, with normal abilities and i write just for the pleaure of it… It’s like a window to me, like a sort of companion, i might end up writing how i slipped over the stairs, tumbling down making a piece of laughter for others, or I might argue over the whole concept of democracy and society, but it’s all that is going over in my mind. Not at any point of time do i think over what i should write, in what way should i write… its all about scribbling evry small, significant, insignificant thing that comes across my mind. Its not meant for any audience, its not meant for impressing anybody, its just about letting something out of you… For me my blog is a window to the world… i might express my happiness, my anger, my loneliness, my elation, joys or anything else here… its just about the way i live my life and i think about the others, its not to influence, impress or satisfy anybody… I might suck at it, or i might write stuff that will be funny to a bare 3-4 people at max, but i love this, and i love the way i feel after writing it and thus i’ll continue writing about anything i feel writing about… 🙂


I write for the sake of satisfaction i derive from it, you might listen to music for your peace of mind, or play guitar, or read novels, in the same way i do write this blog. please don’t set any expectations from my blog… its just a normal guy’s blog who still read comic books, watches cartoons, and calls his mum thrice a day…


And right now i’m cutting it short, i’m too tired after this gigantic day of work, sign offs, code, bugs… better I go home and have a good long sleep after a nice dinner… and whats this ??
Another mail asking for work status…. eh!!  Seems like couple of more hours at office 😦

  1. your 2nd last thought says it all, do what u like 🙂 keep writing 🙂

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