The Korean Movies

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Books & Movies

When I was in college I had an overwhelming obsession with Korean movies, specially the romantic ones. The romantic comedies were my favorite though. These movies appealed to me in an enigmatically convoluted sort of way. Even
with the bad sub titles with its many typos… which I am sure gives a imprecise translation at most times… I simply could not get enough of them.

Once I had spent an entire weekday night watching ‘Gautmn in my Bert’ … Well that’s ‘Autumn in my heart’ but remember the typos I told you about? They even extended to the DVD covers… and stumbling to first lecture the next day without even having slept a wink. But luckily for me there was an ODI that day and all… Yes, ALL… my classes were bunked! Lucky me!!

Btw, if you are wondering why one movie took me an entire night? Well I thought ‘Autumn in my heart’ was a DVD collection of 27 movies and I was planning on watching one that night. But it turned out to be 27 episodes of one series, and I somehow found myself unable to stop in between.

In Korean rom coms, the lovely but invariably gauche heroine always fell for this really hot chink she could never get her hands on…. and the stories did not always end in a ‘happily ever after’. Their profound simplicity and slight imperfection, I think, gives them a touch of reality.

200 pounds of beauty happens to be my all time favorite… Not only coz this has a happy ending but because… Nah! I m not gonna spoil it for you. So go check it out.

Anyways… it was a college thing and I haven’t watched a Korean flick in almost a year now.

Yesterday (it was a holiday in Microsoft 🙂 ) as I was going through this movie collection i picked from my colleague in Microsoft (actually he’s a college senior too), I came across a sealed Korean movie DVD collection I had never got around watching. So I finished my chores, popped it into my laptop and settled in for a movie marathon… the first of the year.… just like old times. But… there is always a butting… my lappy does not even detect it! So I spent half an hour cursing, reloading, and cursing some more. Then some one told me to try it in a DVD player. So the marathon of searching a DVD player begun, finally after one hour i managed to get one from the mallu famil living on the lower floor… and lo! Behold! It worked!!! But… yup! one more but… for the life of me I could not get the sub titles to work. Even though all system functions were set to English the subtitles appeared in Korean!… I m no shakes at languages or scripts so I am assuming it was Korean but it might be Chinese for all that matters

Anyways out of the window went my movie marathon, my walk down memory lane. Guess i should not have made fun of the subtitles.. eh?
So once again I am stuck in my Office with something to be Signed Off by tomorrw and i’m pretty bored doing this since afternoon, Hence the post 🙂


And before I sign out
Congratulations everyone… we are the World Champions now 🙂


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