How would you know…huh!!

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Thoughts

One thing that i hate about people is the narrow mindedness. Especially in terms of hobbies and interests. I don’t know why they always tend to take their own interests as the most heavenly and superior as compared to those of others. Not only this, most of the time they’ll come and bug you about how good they are at it, or how great is it to collect stamps, playing cricket, reading book, playing guitar and all the blah. Whatever.. it can be tolerated, everyone has a right to think grand of himself and his own interests… i generally don give a shit, but off late I’m seriously pissed off with certain morons doing that back and again.

But what’s the biggest pain in the a** is when they start imposing it on you, and start treating yours as somewhat inferior and mediocre. Like this guy i know, to him every male who don’t play cricket is a “Chick in Disguise”, now what if someone don’t want to sweat out in 40 degrees in soaring sun, or what if that guy finds his satisfaction in some other stuff, it doesn’t mean that you have a right to scold him or make fun of him.
I go to gym, i do like it, i joined martial arts sometime back too… had to leave it, but i loved that too, it doesn’t mean that everyone who’s not coming to gym or martial arts is inferior. Or lets take that guy from my DCE batch, he wasn’t a gamer, but because dadhi was (and he did had great imposing characteristic too :)) so this guy too got a 1 Gb graphics card, i was never much into it (though i did play enough CS, NFS, age of empires and Halo to qualify as a game freak) but still I had enough encounters of “How would you know, you don’t even play” kinds with this guy..
Its not necessary that what interests you will interest the other person also, and some things or skills that might be dear to you won’t be dear to me… there is always possibility that the other person might take interest in you, will take you as a master but, cut out the crap, i’m not that kind..!!
For my part I’ve got more than enough interests than i could handle… F1, cricket, MotoGp, blogging, Football, Photography, Reading, Writing, Economics, History… but i never try to discuss or influence people about what i did read, write or about alonso, schumacher, rossi n all.. You are in my stuff, come on dude i’m all in for chit chats to even grave friendship ending debates, you are not in my stuff… you enjoy your crap and let me have mine, no offences, no egos… and don’t you ever try that again with me..

P.S. As a moral implication of my post i won’t impose writing on anyone, plus no matter how pathetic or intellectual I might be in my scribblings, i will never force anyone to read my blog (though i do have a right to post the link on facebook  and is entitled to use it as a signature in my mails).

  1. Spectator says:

    A chick in disguise, totally correct that bloke was 😛

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