Friends I Miss…

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Days at DCE, My Life

Day before yesterday Sandhya (a college junior of mine and a very good friend update – she threated to sue me for using her name without her permission after this post) sent me some mail with a so called psychology test by dalai lama, having a few color, animal, number tests etc, and i too was asked for a Wish which like all other mails of this type will come true only if we complete and forward it to n number of people…
Well to be honest major part (or almost everything came out to be true in the test) of the test came out to be true, but its not about that. There was a section asking to associate people with colors and I had to match 5 colors with 5 people, the first 4 people came rushing to my mind… ma, pa, big B, Her (no names please 🙂 ) and i was there with the fifth choice to made. To be honest at the time I was considering only those people who matter to me, only the important ones 🙂 and the result was disappointing… even after 2 minutes I wasn’t able to fix any one single person…. A lot of people came into my mind… Neha, Ankita, Dev D, Rahul, Anupam,Rawat, Sameer, Nitya, APSC, Anoop… a lot of friends, and with these a lot of other memories came to my mind also..

Friends who ones were so close to me, and now are drifting away, because of time, distances or may be I’m a big egotist or may be they are, or may be we all are, there are things which are inexplainable, and maybe because of TIME, another biggest bitch after karma…

Dadhi aka Anupam Singh, you are a rockstar dude… your own style, your own fetish for perfectionism, We are still friends but somehow in middle our egos clashed i think just for nothing… You had your pride and I had mine, may be i can call it vanity or idiocity of human nature that we grow differences… I still miss the first year days, the carelessness, the time spent in hostel together, all the treats, parties, the stupid discussions, the interest in comics… I miss you buddy… wish that ego had never been there… Miss you dude 🙂
Don aka Abhimanyu Jain, you were a genius, creative, cynical but genious… been here in Microsoft for 8 months but still i haven’t met anyone with the same ability as yours… and i respect it, you know that… I don’t know why but you keep on drifting away… stopped returning my phone calls, mails, messages… I know what bothers you… but i am not responsible for this, its the f****** system, the TnP and the crap academics, i know you are better than me and you’ll be… but please stop hating me for things for which I’m not responsible… btw hope you still remember those late night algo discussions, lord dadhimort spoofs, your first beer, the fun we had in the last two sems… its unforgettable
Amar Jaiswal, you are one of the best buddies i’ve got… still miss arguing with you over ‘Shyan Munshi’ 🙂 coming b’lore very soon, get ready…
Anoop Ramakrishna, wish i had known you for long, you are the true soul of an Engineer, more interested in our stuff than yours, had an opinion about everything, and i loved all those pre exam discussions with you… Miss those times, I know you’ll do well wherever you are, whatever you are doing… (just an expression… 🙂 I know u are in CMU doing your MS )
Abhimanyu Vohra, Wish we had met in college… Still remember the first talk we had, you asked a few questions about Operating Systems prior to some interview (i guess it was STE) in the last month of collge… and since then we have been friends, never met in person, never talked, never ever chat on gmail of FB 🙂 still its a friendship… just one question for you “Char saal kis kone me chup ke baitha tha college ke… ?”
Anuradha Garg, Miss your ‘I’m no geek’ attitude… while you were, miss the fun loving attitude, miss the photo copies of your notes… no i think taking notes was Snigdha’s task 🙂
Abhishek Agarwal, Won’t write much… i know you ‘Bore ho jayega aur aage padhega hi nahi’ Miss all the rides in your car, rohini to rajouri, your placement interviews, whether its cisco or sapient, everyone had a funny bone in it… you encounters with Vidhi ma’am and Richa (or the Spider) everything with you was fun… hope the ‘Pony Guy’ is keeping you engaged at Spaient.. 😉
Johnson, Careless, Arrogant, Haughty, Proud, Funny, Mithun Fan 🙂 you were one of the best friends in School, Still miss the time spent with you, making fun of KC (the stupid maths teacher) and specially the Encounters with Vandana Dutta Ma’am and her Modern Ideologies :). To tell you I cursed you a hell lot when you took NSIT biotech leaving NSIT computer science, only a crazy like you could’ve done such a thing… Wish you all the luck for your new venture… May the force be with you.!!
Amit Rawat, Mostly with people i always had my ways, but you are the only person who questioned me… for everything, technical, social. academic, movies you ever accepted it… the way u used to came for exams… blank..!! dude that takes guts and only you had it… miss the stuff we did in the final year, the project, vivas with khanduja ma’am, the way you used to tell about movies, your first ever HR interview… It was real fun
Kamal Gupta,
So dude finally you are a lawyer.. huh, someone guessed it right..!! You were the first person to extend a friendly hand to new student in School, a spectacled guy who came challenging all your school toppers, enjoyed the time spent together, you were the most caring friend at the time, one who used to call my mum to ask her ‘Aunty he’s not well… ask him not to study’ Somehow we are not that much in touch now-a-days, still miss those innocent days and BD Estate birthday treats… 🙂
Dubey and Aarti,
No matter what I’ll always count you two as a sinle unit and for me you are inseparable, and don’t you dare to ask me to remove this post… you are few of the best friends i got ( though i do know you did bitch behind my back a few times… but yeah i am a narcissist and deserve that sometimes) in college, dubey’s trouble with gulati’s guitar, the grand ‘Meena’ troubles, the Aarti vs. Aastha duels… miss all that fun
Prateek Gupta,
You know why you are there at the end ?? because you were the one with most of the firsts… 🙂 first bunk from coaching, first time in cyber cafe, my first ever tuition class (Chemistry at Karan), first time in a DTC bus… man i miss your company so much… the fear that mall road burger wala might drug us, fun at Sachdeva… all the bunks from weekend coaching classes, random roaming in Camp and Hakikat nagar, Waiting outside that Gujrat Samaj School waiting for your crush to show up, the RTV fights, the day that guy asked for your watch in bus, the day you, me and Monu were asked for Rs. 100 by some loafer guys and Monu getting slapped and the real fun being on the next day, and yeah Shikha and her ‘Big Show’ look a like brother… an that special incident with Vandana Dutta ma’am… 😉 Miss the innocenct, stupid days spent together… 🙂

Anky, Big B, Aayush, Ginni, Amit Jain, Gaurav Abrol, Shubham Gupta, Barua, Anupam(920), Dev D, Teo, Sameer, APSC, Nitya: I don’t miss you guys… cuz you are always with me 🙂

P.S. The names are not in any specific order of prioritization of friendship, so don’t mind it
P.P.S. Aayush Rungta –  You still owe me that blog..!!
P.P.P.S. Gaurav Abrol & Shubham Gupta – FB pe kam machaya karo yaar 🙂

  1. ankita says:

    i wish this blog was divided into separate blocks which I could LIKE and comment on separately. But i guess i'll have to pour in my views in just one single space. So here it goes…..Dadhi & Amar: I have always considered the 3 of you as one..! Always seen together – right from the moment I've known you guys (2nd sem comp lab with u guys was fun :)) till the very end. Inseparable! :)Abhishek Aggarwal: Even i miss his car rides (the few ones i had) from colg to rithala..And yes! i have seen him blushing whenever VK used to ask him anything! :DRawat: during exam time. Blank….AND SMILING! 😀 the coolest headed! the Aalsi No. 1..!!Dubey & Aarti: My favorite!!! SOOOOOO!!!! I love and miss you guys!! :)Anu: Do I need to say anything here! She rocks!! :))@Akshay!!! THANK YOU so so much !! Senti kar diya tune to yaar!! 🙂

  2. Awesome One Buddy n ab bas kar rulayega kya bhailogo ko 😛

  3. Akshay Kumar says:


  4. Akshay Kumar says:

    Yes we are still inseparable… bhai logo me chalta rehta hai… waise its 4 of us – me, amar, dadhi and Dev D… inseparable Abt rawat: yeah blank and smiling… 🙂 missed mentioning it in blog :Pand even anu ke baare me to main bhi jyada kuch nahi likha paya… words hi nahi the, amazing person she is… :)@Ankita: Senti hoke hi to likha hai yaar… was missing you all… :(and yeah 2nd sem computer lab, where i met u, anu, aarti, dubey, antriksh for the first time… nostalgia at its peak… lovely memories 🙂

  5. Anoop says:

    Awesome post bro, and don't worry you'll always know where I am (After all I need free MS software 😛 )

  6. Akshay Kumar says:

    for free MS softwares u don need me… torrent takes care of this… 😛

  7. Spectator says:

    Beautiful. Bittersweet.I have read many such blogs in the past half year.And I cant tell how it feels to know things beforehand, that this is what happens with everybody, it will be the same with me. It nudges me to enjoy my days, to make the nostalgia later intense.

  8. Akshay Kumar says:

    Yes, It really comes as a shock if you look back after few years, a lot of good people you met along in Life are left behind… all innocence of school life, the fun and excitement of college… everything is gone, you are separated from the best of your pals, in your cobweb of so called life… 😦

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