Rajshri Productions Presents…

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Books & Movies, Random Bluff


Right from my childhood I’ve this habit of switching on T.V. as soon as I return home from school, college, gym wherever. Same way as soon as i came back from office i did the same and today my bad luck… it was all melodramatic happy go merry Rajshri productions all over it….Hum Sath Aath Hain..sry sath sath, Maine pyaar kia, and the legendary Hum Aaapke Hain Kaun..!! aaarrghh!!”

All i could think was “mercy on us oh Holy Saints above”. Then i began to think over the whole concept of these ‘Family Movies’ and figured out the following common characteristics among these:

1. A house, a very big house with all the luxuries of the world – swimming pools, pool tables, lawns, fountains, drivers, servants…. in fact its not a house, it’s a palace a palace even bigger than the Vatican.

2. A family where all the first, second, third cousins, relatives, friends all live at the same palace. Wonder whether they have kids going to school next day or not. All the buajis, mamijis, bhabhis and a lot of giggling irritating girls are all stuffed at the same house.

3. At least a dozen songs, one meant for every situation, every nook and corner, every festival, marriage, romance…. thank god S. P. Balasubrahmanyam is not around any more… (remember the voice “aaja shaam hone aayi mausam ne li…”)

4. A pet, usually a Dog (a monkey can serve the purpose too) who plays a very important role in the romantic buildup of the plot. In certain cases it plays the central binding character in the climax too.

5. Alok Nath/Reema laagu/Anupam Kher, 10 out of 10 times one of them will be there.

6. The second family (usually the girl’s side), poor but dignified, with either a Masterji / Professor being the head of the family.

7. A foreign educated dude, who worships his parents, loves women clad in churidars and sarees and is more fluent in music and songs than beethove and mozart could ever be.

8. A humble, loyal servant (usually the comedian with all blunt jokes in an irritating accent, one face i could remember of – lakshmikant berde yakk… may his soul rest in peace up there) – an orphan raised by the Badi Maa of house as her own son (aka the mistress of the Vatican palace).

9. A wicked Buaji/Mamaji typically played by Bindu. Usually her husband is a very humble, insecure joru ka ghulam types.

10. A fake accusation of stealth being put on the poor, orphan servant. Where he cries melodramatically and either the Maa  or Bhabhi consoles him afterwards.

11. A pathetic Antakshiri game (sometimes cricket takes its place too). The fascination lit faces of all the actors are enough to dread me during my sleep for the next one week.

12. Wrapping up with few dialogues :
Maa/Babuji mujhe kaam ke silsile me london jana hai”
“Kal prem apni padhayi puri karke vilayat se wapas aa raha hai”
“Main chor nahi hun maaji”
“Bas ab jaldi se iske hath peele ho jayein, to main bhi chain ki saans lun”





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