Mystery We live In

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Thoughts

I’m 23, but I haven’t really grown up yet.

I still hope to get the corner piece of cake, the one with the most icing. I still pretend to know the little bit of Martial Arts I learned in class 8th and sometimes practice it when I’m the only one on the elevator. I still love to play with kids and i still love to talk about the animated series i watched and comic books i read as a kid.

I also can’t resist kicking things I find on the sidewalk. This almost got me in trouble one day at the Multilevel parking at my office.

That day I was entering my office and was walking towards the building 3 through the level 1 of MLCP when I spotted what I thought was an aluminum bottle cap on the ground. Irresistible..!!

Earlier during such endeavors I used to pretend I was kicking the extra time game winner for Chelsea in EPL, but this season they can’t win even if they have a devastatingly handsome, free agent kicker, who came out of nowhere to stun the league with his deadly accuracy and nerves of steel… so I just kicked it… simply 🙂 no stories attached.

When my foot hit it I realized this was no bottle cap. It was a ring of metal that was heavier than I expected. Instead of knocking it forward 5 or 10 feet, to my horror, I launched it about 40 feet into the parking lot toward a woman to her way out of the parking, moving towards gate no. 3, who had paused momentarily and was fishing around in her purse for something. I cringed and whispered, “Oh shit”.

It was an incredible kick, a real game-winner, but that’s beside the point right now.

Thankfully, it flew past her in the air, missing her by about 5 feet and landing behind her. As I stared in stunned amazement, it rolled in a giant lazy circle around her. It’s entire journey traced a large “P” in the parking lot with her facing me in the circle of the “P”.

She never saw it fly by and never heard it hit the ground behind her. Just as she finished digging in her purse and started walking again, it completed the last of its “P” and fell over right in front of her. From her perspective, a little metal ring rolled lazily across her path in a straight line from left to right. There was no way she could conceive of the circumstances that precipitated this bizarre event.

She looked to her left to see where it came from, but there was no one in the parking lot. She looked down at the ring, as if to assure herself of its existence, then looked again to her left and then behind her. She even looked up at the ceiling for a moment.

She picked up the ring and stared at it. I was the only person within 50 yards of her, but I was standing just by the entrance of the parking lot, not in a position to have had anything to do with it.

I could tell it blew her mind. I mean, there seemed to be no reasonable explanation for this event from her point of view. She dropped the ring like it had burned her hand and started walking briskly. She pulled up short and had one last look behind her, scanning the parking lot for whoever or whatever had done this.

It was an absolute mystery to her.

Do you ever get the feeling that we don’t know what the hell is going on out there??

Real mysteries surround us, but wouldn’t know how to name them. We don’t even know what’s going on in the parking lot. We claim to be so much aware and enlightened, masters of the computer age, with the aids of google, ipad, iphone, wifi and all… still one small metal ring in a parking lot can blow the lids of our brains. One may find my way of coming to this after such long narration of such a useless incident nonsense, but still there wasn’t it mysterious..?? We claim to know so much, claim to be the explorers. But can we claim to have some metrics to determine how much we know how much we don’t ??

We have no idea.

  1. sumitperiwal says:

    Nice one :)you do these things at microsoft…. be careful next time…and don't worry….chelsea still have a chance(mathematically :P)

  2. Akshay Kumar says:

    thanks dude..!! wish the mathematics come true… 🙂

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