Things I Hate About Monday

Posted: February 27, 2011 in My Life
28th Feb 2011, 3.34 A.M. I’m not feeling a wee bit sleepy. Alas its Monday again. The day i dread…. not that i hate the day, its just these few things associated to it that i really really hate. And the nominees for the “Things i hate about Monday are”:
  • Not having quite recovered from the weekend.
  • Feeling like pulling on old comfy lulus and curling up in the fetal position upon waking at 9:30 am, sometimes 11.30 and sometimes even 1.30 pm…The feeling doesn’t go away all day.
  • Trying to tell my fellow teammates about my weekend while having to omit all the funny/interesting stories for fear of reprimand and looking unprofessional. Basically I tell them what I did between 10 and 5 – which is…nothing.
  • Realizing that the work items on my MyWork Portal aren’t going to miraculously disappear. Apparently just because you ignore something, it doesn’t actually go away.
  • Realizing that i had to do something important this weekend which I’ve to postpone for the next one.
  • The sight of crying kids in morning, trying to soften their parent’s hearts to please not to send them to school, at least not for one more day after the weekend.
  • The weekly team meeting in lounge 🙂 hope my manager don read this one… 😛
  • It’s Monday, enough said.

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