Memorable Quotes by Real Life Friends

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Days at DCE, Hyderabad, My Life

Sometimes during normal chit-chat people tend to say some queer and funny things, here i’m trying to remember and compile a few of such quotes being said by my friends during the course of past few years. Though i can’t express the true emotion of the context in which those things were said but still these are the tiny little statements that still make me smile for those moments.

1) IIT jane se pehle god-level placements ki kahaniyan sunte the, college se nikalne ke baad god-level placements ki kahaniyan sun rahe hain. Bas apni kahaniyan sun ne ke sapne sapne reh gaye Abhishek Sharma (on IIT-B placements)

2) Chuck Norris can press two b**** with one handAbhimanyu Jain (while random chatter in DCE library)

3) Time ke saath sabko sab kuch nahi toh bahut kuch mil hee jaata hai par mujhe sab chahiye aur mujhe abhi chahiye – Sachin Verma

4) Believe me “Rab nahi dikhta hai”, it’s all hormones playing their part to make sure the world goes on and keeps on seeing new generations – Sachin Verma

5) Mera fuck ho gaya hai – Abhishek Kumar (Before some exam in 2nd Sem)

6) Abe paiso ke sath sex nahi kiya jata, uske liye ladki hi chahiye hoti hai Abhimanyu jain (to Abhishek Agarwal on Dowry Issue)

7) Oye waise Sita Mata Sexy HaiAnupam “Dadhi” (While discussing new Ramayan serial on NDTV Imagine)

8 ) Vampires are impotent, foreplay me hi khoon pee jate hain, kabhi main course tak jaate hi nahi Anant Khokhar

9) I would love to be the monk who sold his Ferrari but for that, I will have to buy a Ferrari firstSachin Verma

10) Ise kabhi apni girlfriend se mat milvana, use bhi tujhse protect kar legaAnant Khokhar (for Devendra Chaudhary)

11) God save thee from the wrath of a hurt womanAmit Rawat (on that psycho girl stalking me)

12) Mera college chahe jaisa bhi ho par itni gandi ladki mere college ki nahi ho saktiSameer Chaturvedi (on Madhu Dalia)

13) Anshul is certainly gay, vo gmail pe ladko ko sweet dreams bolta haiAbhishek Agarwal

14) Kya Dasrath Dasrath (Lord Ram’s Father) laga rakhi hai, kheer kha ke to sale ne bacche paida kiye the can’t Reveal the name 🙂

15) Tika lo Madam Mayank Sharma (offering seat to a Girl in DTC Bus)

16) Yaar hame kabhi aise ladki kyun nahi mili – Avesh Chauhan (ogling a girl in Kamla Nagar, just the day before his marriage :))

17) Girl next door har us ladke ki fantasy hai, jiski na koi girlfriend hai, aur na kabhi hogi – Debosumo Das

18) Aaj ki date me dus hazar me ‘mayawati’ to kya main ‘Raghav Sir’ ko bhi kiss kar lun, bas dikkat ye hai ki zindgi me kabhi aage jake afsos hoga ki dus hazar ke liye ye kaam bhi kiya tha – Can’t reveal the name 🙂 (Though DCEites can guess)

19) I think i’ll loose it soon, things are going great between us… Btw does anyone here know how to test for Premature Ejaculation ? – Should i reveal the name :)? (Ok i nicknamed him “Chotu”)


Well there are a lot more but owing to the censorship imposed by my own self won’t be putting them up here on the blog :). Choose your own favorite one..

  1. fakku and dadhi are my all time favorite…. 🙂 😀

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