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Posted: January 15, 2011 in Thoughts

It’s 4 A.M. and as usual I’m not feeling sleepy at all… somehow I’ve become much undisciplined lately, in a single word my mum would describe me as “Antihuman”. Anyways a lot of things from past are coming up in my mind, lots of moments of affection, joy and sorrow, maybe it’s because of watching the nail biting ODI b/w India and South Africa all alone. Yes I was missing people, my flatmate wasn’t here all the time and I was cast into some deep thought, so I took up to writing something here.

This time I am thinking what I should write: serious or comic or mixture. But first I should decide about topic: controversial or simple.
No, I should try my hands on some other genre, Story…………yes, well about whom? My own self… no……… I can’t think of a topic, so much have changed in past 6 months that I dread being the central character any more. Ok I got something…
this friend of mine who has won many accolades in literature says that good story is nothing but good observation of what is happening around you. So today I will be putting my observations only.

a) Pure Emotions: When you see children playing, they seem to be very happy. One reason I can think of is that their emotions are pure .If they love, they just love, and they don’t put reasons behind their love. If they hate, they just hate and there is no emotion in between.
They are simple. It is because of selfishness of a child .They sought whole, no division .When their mother takes some other child in her lap, they will cry because they don’t want to share their mother’s love with anyone. This selfishness helps children to decide exactly what they want. Now if one wants to be truly happy should he/she practice this form of selfishness??

b) Small Joys of Life: I remember when as a kid my mother used to give us any fruit(equally divided),then there was always competition who is going to finish last because he will be the one who can enjoy a lot because he can make others jealous by teasing (feeling of triumph). Now we just want to eat as quickly as possible, no joy, no feelings, just eating to end the starvation, to stuff our stomach.

c) Happiness: Today when I get a lot of money to spend on myself, I think of second standard when I had stolen 50 paisa to have an ice cream. My father caught me and gave me one rupee instead. Having ice-cream with that one rupee was worthless, I was the happiest child in universe. Today when you get ice-cream worth hundreds, do you feel anything close to happiness? I doubt it…

d)what can you get from a broken relationship :
1)Some good moments
3)A new way to see the things
4)New goals or opportunities (or you can be back on ur track)
5) A chance to learn value of money ,time and your friends

e)First Love: Remember when in coaching class that girl asked you whether there is a lecture or not . You fumbled and she just smiled back. You remember how happy you were when the teacher declared that you’ve got highest in mathematics test and she looked at you and smiled…did she ??
You remember seeing towards her window with a hope of seeing one glimpse of her. You remember how proud you were feeling when your friends told you “she likes you ek baar bol de yaar“. You remember seeing towards her, hoping she will also look at you. You remember that your friends were asking to “go and propose her” and then you decide to propose her only after getting selected in IIT.  You remember the last day of coaching class…how sad she was… was she ??
Now lastly you remember searching her in orkut and sometimes now-a-days in facebook…. you still remember her.. but does she??

f) Helplessness: Waking up in morning, then going to your balcony and watching those kids jumping and chasing each other. Wishing to capture each and every moment of their innocent laughter and suddenly realizing that you have to do some important office work. And then again this new wish to “sit alone on a beach and thinking nothing” capturing our minds.

g) What do we want from our life? Anyone having the answer pleases comment. Someday I would like to meet someone who knows what he wants from his life?

  1. Anoop says:

    We want meaning from our lives. The means to finding the meaning in one's life is entirely theological. We will try to fill our lives with things like romances and hobbies that we feel make it more meaningful, but we don't realise that these are simply reassurances that will be swept away by time.

  2. Akshay Khokhar says:

    nice reply anoop…but still what is the true meaning?? name, fame, success, notoriety, eternity, salvation, sacrifice ?? you know what confuses me it's the whole concept of this life with a meaning, its so diverse…What if you are not in a position to derive any meaning, what if u're the sole earner in a poverty ridden family of more than a dozen? how will we define this 'meaning' in such a case? won't the needs come over meaning in this scenario ?i wonder how to decide on the final meaning… i fear won't it be too late for me to actually realize and settle down on what the true meaning of their life is… 😛

  3. Akshay Khokhar says:

    i still remember those discussions of ours when you asked me what you want from life? and just like that day… in my case, still i don't know…. 😦

  4. Anoop says:

    You know, I think its hard for any one to understand what the meaning of their life is. We can't understand, but the person in your example has much more meaning in his life than we do. We are people on whom no one is truly dependent, only emotionally. That person is someone whose existence defines the existence of his family.In the bigger picture, he may seem insignificant in his contribution to the world, but for me a measure of contribution is the number of lives affected and how it was affected. By providing for his family and raising his children to the best of his ability he manages to sustain a whole lineage of contributers to the world who may make a difference in the future. While the same is true for people like us, but we are in a situation in which we have many more resources than that person.Its just an observation, but the meaning of life is still unclear 😦

  5. Hey good one especially the stanza of "first love"..is it true?? if yes then dude u missed her..god do give us some opportunities..it depends how we take it?? Time is the most crucial factor in this respect..The opportunity dont waits till you become consolidated about ur decision..It comes and goes like a wind..We then regret afterwards..But no worries..Hope for the best !!!Really a wonderful ,beautiful n simple paragraph 🙂

  6. Akshay Khokhar says:

    @anoop: very nice observation… specially "a measure of contribution is the number of lives affected and how it was affected""Its just an observation, but the meaning of life is still unclear" – at least the picture for you is more clearer than me….. :)@anant: thnx for liking it… no dude its not true, there were just two obese ghissu girls in my FIITJEE batch…. :Pit's just a "by example" case… story of every second (or maybe third) person passing that phase in life… studies, expectations, girls, hormones…. complex biochemistry you know..!!

  7. prateek says:

    @akshay: what do we want from our life?? are u still seeking for an answer?i think life is a journey and the destination is our old friend 'DEATH'. This journey is like walking on indian roads, sometimes on a NH1 running smoothly and covering a large distance in a very small span of time and still have not got any happiness out of it and sometimes it is like a village pushta where you have to walk on the mud, feet got stuck in it and we still like it. In my opinion the answer to your question is : it is really important what we give back to it not what we want. its about giving back happiness, and that is a WIN-WIN situation. the person which you have given happiness is happy, and watching that person happy will show you what you WANT.

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