Feel Sorry but Never Say Sorry

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Thoughts

Sometimes we do commit some mistakes. Big, small, meaningful, stupid – all kind of mistakes, and when mistakes are committed then consequences are bound to happen. Someone might get hurt for a good laugh of yours, they may be shattered or at least someone can feel miserable or sad because of the acts that are a mistake on your part.
So what to do for such mistakes? Accept them?
Yeah of course you have to…it on your plate only and no one else is going to be responsible for it.

But a word of advice or you can say caution – feel sorry, but never say sorry… it’s your guilt and you have to bear it but never ever go to that person and say sorry… finding it weird?
Yeah even i too thought the same, but my friend you know what happens when you say sorry, they think you are weak, stupid and lack self respect. The more you try to make them realize that you are sorry the more arrogant and snobbish they becomes. They began to treat you like you have committed the crime of the century… like you are “jack the ripper” ripping apart their feelings and thoughts. I might be sounding arrogant but that’s the truth, and that’s the beauty of human vanity… you want to make them see that you are sorry, and you know you’ve wronged and they’ll judge you as if you are the sole tormentor for the human existence. No matter how many explanations you give, no matter how many answers you give they won’t accept it, and the reason – they began to see you as a receiving end, like your existence is too doomed and theirs is so graceful enough that no apologies or sorries can make up with it. And in real sense it’s not even their fault, it’s just the stupid human ignorance, once you retreat one inch and it began to take you as granted, like you are the sinner who must rot in hell… and trust me the biggest follower of god, the one who clings to the holy grace for every single deed-misdeed of their life will be dumb enough to forget the concept of salvation…nah you say sorry and you will be the sinner, meant to rot in hell for eternity…

That’s why my son bear your guilty conscience, know whatever and whoever you have wronged and work upon it. Be a man and accept your faults, make a promise not to repeat it but never say sorry cuz you might have the guts and grace to accept your deeds, but they’re not graceful enough to realize it.


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