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Posted: January 1, 2011 in My Life

So, we are in the new year, and what a beginning – blood infection, 103 fever, lying alone at my flat, and with 4 days of fever; now even tired of sleeping… Well thats pretty much it, i’m not among those who believe in “The way the first day goes, goes the rest of the year” (at least you can expect me to say so now).
But 2011 was a remarkable year, a year of its own in many ways, emotionally, academically (yeah i’m a graduate now 🙂 cheers ), economically (i’m earning now :)), and yeah technically too. In addition it brought up a lot of new things from people – Betrayal, Curses, Blessings, Friendship, Jealousy everything…
So here’s a little account of the year from my side:

Best Times of 2010:

1. All fiinal semester outings with Rawat, Agarwal, Ghangas and Don (abhimanyu) – was one of the best time of 4 years in college
2. Those random and diverse chitchats with anoop ramakrishna before exmas… hell i didn’t even bade a proper farewell to him. (Whatever small time we spent together…it was great, miss ya buddy)
3. All project and training via preparations with aayush. We always prepared a hell lot, and pity the examiners were just impressed by our faces.. 🙂
4. All those movies and TV series that i watch with Big B (miss that a lot..)
5. No i won’t mention this one… it don’t matter anymore, its no more good time, but back than it was, those who know’ll understand what its about..
6. The save DCE campaign, though i didn’t volunteered in any of the activities, but it did give me a lot of free time to pend with my friends, all anti PB campaigning, facebook group creation, media coverage, college being converted into RAF base… i’ll always remember that.

Funny Moments of 2010:
In the coming days i’ll try to give a detailed description of at least a few, for the time being just a small introduction..

1. The Grand “Nehru Place Incident” – its also going to be in the incidents that i dread the most 🙂 but still it was fun… two brothers, went to buy speakers and ended up in being escorted back home… details ?? naah… too gross… 😛
2. The “Chillar Incident” at Hyderabad – my first week in hyderabad, 5 guys with 3 girls in a restaurant, eating their hearts out.. the girls left, time to pay the bill, and the guys are counting chillar (poor chaps 500 rupees short), with APSC playing the accountant.. and in the heat of the moment they even forget to keep their voices down – nitya tere pass kitne hain? akshay tu kitna de skta hai? (and yes people were staring – “huh ladkiyon ke saamne to bada bhokal maar rahe the, ab chillar ginne pe aa gaye”)…well to know the details stick to my blog, that’ll be coming soon.
3. The “Hoax Calls on Get together” – The credit goes to anuradha, she planned to make some phone calls to people who were not there and the victims chosen were – Dadhi(anupam), amar and rajeev. and yes it was fun big fun, anupam was really dreaded to hear that the EMi for the laon that he took for buying his 3.6 lakh speakers has doubled, and rajeev was stupid enought to tell in HR interview that he like watching hannah montana. Well it was great fun..!!
4. Suhas’s Birthday’s “Cake Cutting “- EDITED…. again too gross for the taste of some people, to know about it… drop me a mail 🙂
5. The “Matrimonial Interview” over a date – There was this junior of mine, who all of a sudden like a ghost started calling, chatting, inquiring abt my stuff…  it was weird. So when i was home on diwali she asked to go out (and she said it’ll be a date), and all she asked me over three hours was – how many brothers you are? do you drink ? do you smoke? do you eat non veg? your family ok with inter-cast marriage? what will you expect from ur wife? do you like kids? how many girls how many boys?… hell girl i’m 22 and of course i do like kids but don’t want my kids to be discussed over in Metro walk… though we are good friends now, but on that day it was damn funny… 🙂

Shocking Moments:

1. The “4th september” phone call – Well Taps you changed it all girl, what else can i say… you never got it right, sorry for you.
2. “Tere man ka ho gaya ho to mere bhi kuch plans hain” Suhas’s girlfrend’s comment for gajju when he was holding the b’day bash for suhas at his own place. Shocking ?? Yes it was… at least for me it was.
3. The trip to pune –  it was a fiasco a real one… standing homeless on a road at 2.30 AM in morning, well you can understand..
4. Bro’s GF being stolen: When my Bro’s best friend stole away one of his girlfriends.. 🙂 (note the phrase “one of his”) its funny the way it happened, but it came as a shock, he lost his best friend and “one of his girlfriend”… 🙂

Moments from 2010 I’ll always Cherish:

1. That 15 minute time i spent with my brother at secunderabad railways station while he was on his way to banglore.
2. Agarwal n Abhimanyu breaking beer bottle on Abhimanyu’s trousers and then Don’s (abhimanyu) planning on how he’ll sneak away from his dad while entering home, the planning, the tricks… it was all so innocent.
3. Sameer being druk while coming back from Liquids (a disc in hyderabad)  and talking and cursing all the time – whatever he said was just something i’ll always remember.
4. The hostel night – It was full of emotion and passion, a moment, a memory for all the happy days we spent at DCE.
5. Dev D, one of my best pals got placed in oracle and we had a party, followed by Dev D going to 3D spectrum cuz of vodka and yelling at juniors and telling them how to grab a job… it was not funny, it was special.

People who mattered most in 2010:
Mum, Big B (Anant bhaiya), Ankita, V (you mattered ?? oh yeah you always will 🙂 ), Neha Solanki, Sameer, Dev D, Gaurav Abrol, Abhishek Agarwal, Amit Rawat
People who Shocked in 2010:
Tapasya (once again you top the list girl), A cool Guy ( I think i know who you are :)), Rahul Teotia (Et tuBrute, sorry but i still remember that lil facebook chat of ours… was not expected, at least not from you), Sahil Manchanda (at least once in life have the guts to be a man, not for me but for yourself)
People I met in 2010 and they matter:
Sameer, Nitya, APSC, Akanksha, Manyata

P.S. Its my blog so i’m entitled to put up anything i feel up here. Plus with 4 days in bed i’m really irritated n it seems that the writing creativity too have gone ill, so if i lacked the pun or fun or whatever you look for in my blog just bear it… 🙂

  1. superb work boy….hey but no more GF 4 me this year…last year in December i tried to get settled with a girl(the one u recommended and of course i like her) as i want stability…but she refused…..god know why…!!! [agar aap sudharna bhi chahen to ye dunia aapko sudharne nahi degi] very ordinary quote but very much true….but in this year…mai sudhar k he rahunga… 🙂 🙂

  2. Akshay Khokhar says:

    ouch.. look who's talking…. :Pand yeah screw it dude, u rock the way you are, let it be the same..!!btw i expected you to comment on the "Nehru Placce" thingy… 🙂 🙂

  3. ha ha ha….don't remind me that…half a dozen cops were around us…and i m tapping the S.I.'s shoulder telling him that I m a fuckin section officer in Ministry of home affairs don't mess with me…still remember his wordings.."aap bade hain jo chahe kar sakte hain,par ye thik nahi hai…"

  4. Akshay Khokhar says:

    😀 😀 don't ruin it, the incident owes a complete post for itself… 🙂 🙂

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