And She’s Happy…

Posted: December 8, 2010 in So called Poetry

There’s a girl who’s happy…
very soon she’s gonna marry
A wonderful bride she’ll make
and all angels will bake her cake

She was the one i used to love
She was the one who cheered me up
She was the joy, She was ahoy
She was god, she was the road

She was the one who used to cry
She was the one who made me smile
The devil smiled, i cried in vain
And she’s happy like wind in rain

There are promise that she made
there are dreams the we prepared
there is nothing that went wrong
may be she was not that strong

All i know is that she’s gone
and there is pain i have to borne
I too’ll smile, won’t be crappy
for she’s gone and she’s happy

  1. vishnupriya says:

    Very touching one Akshay!! Everything is for good.

  2. Ankur Sadhoo says:

    ahem!! kaun hai woh?? bolo bolo!!

  3. Akshay Khokhar says:

    no one, just an attempt at poetry… 🙂

  4. Akshay Khokhar says:


  5. after much thinking…. i only got 2 words for ya……. "YOU ROCK"

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