An incident that has changed the course of your life

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Days at DCE, My Life, Thoughts

ZS Associates was the first company to visit my College (Delhi College of Engineering) for the placement session in my final year (2010). After the 2 hour long PPT there was the written test which had this question in their otherwise awkward and senseless (i always find the selection criteria of these consultancies very random and senseless… anyways no discussion about that here). The question was:

 Write about an incident that has changed the course of your life.

And people went really crazy about answering it; they ran the horses of their creativity in all directions. There was everything – from an ill father, to a blind person on road, to drugs, birds, ants, Solomon’s spider, father’s words of wisdom, poverty, philosophy everything was poured forth. I don’t know what those ‘suited up’ guys were expecting from final year engineering students to write down as their answer but what i was wondering was – what if someone don’t have any such incident, what if someone has always been a smooth person and what I’m saying here is not a good or bad student… just a constant personna.. What has he got to write??

In my opinion no incident however big it may be can’t change the person’s beliefs and perspective to life, no event howsoever big can convert Osama bin laden in Gautam Buddha. A person is what he is, what he thinks and what drives his thinking, any incident ,any failure, examples of pity, struggle etc. can only affect the short term thinking and ideology but to change the perspective of life and the whole course of it… it’s impossible. One can start working out differently, thinking, acting, speaking differently but in the core of his heart he is what he is and every single moment of living all this changed and inspired life he knows that he is not what he’s doing. Say it his guilty concise, his selfishness, his urge to prove something to himself or whatever he is, his actions can change for a matter of days, weeks or months but not his true self.

I won’t argue whether I was right or wrong in writing this down as my answer (and I didn’t even cleared the written test) but for me that was the honest answer.
Personally I have been through a lot of ups and downs lately and if I consider these events (some of which were really unexpected, mean and gross) as the perfect contenders for life changing incidents. But have they changed me… No.
In yeses – yes I did thought a lot, yes I wasn’t able to concentrate on my work, yes my performance declined, and yes it traumatized me, but have these things changed me ?? No, they haven’t… I am still the same, the same old person, with same opinion about life, same opinion about people and same chain of thought. Yes for a week or two, I may be frustrated, or may be motivated but in the end I always end up being the same…. A momentary rush of emotions caused by the outflow of some intended or unintended deeds can barely have an impact on what a person’s general perception about life is… any changes like that of Samrat Ashoka after kalinga war more of the guilt in the subconscious (and yes he was aware of Buddhism and the Buddhists preaching beforehand) so the aversion to war and violence was something that raised from within the subconscious and not from the outcome of an instance of bloodshed. We as humans are vulnerable for change, but not because of an incident or two, it took more of your earlier self that decides the course of your deeds not the momentary sight of a blind person crossing the road.
And even if one says that such incidents do occur…

Well than I’ll be waiting for one.

  1. Deepanshu says:

    heck of a post 😉 as far i remember there have been so many incidents in my life that i think have changed me but at the end of the day we r the same person…we can change our outlook towards life but we cant change ourselves….. 😛

  2. Akshay Kumar says:

    we cant change ourselves, no one can… 🙂

  3. Spectator says:

    Exactly! I have had the same opinion since long.

  4. Akshay Kumar says:

    Good to know, One is what he is, what life has molded him into… not what the hormonal rush makes him for a a day or two..!!

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