Crazy 90s… Driving me crazy..!!

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Hyderabad, My Life

Well something strange is taking me over….I’m doing something I’ve always dread…

I’m listening to the 90s hindi songs, and goddammit I’m loving ‘em…: P
“Batana bhi nahi aata…chupana bhi…”, “Tere dar par sanam hum chale aaye”, old remixes and even “Memsaab o meri Memsaab” from Baba sehgal, i mean baba sehgal… seriously dude…something is seriously wrong.

Kumar sanu, nadeem sarvan, Sameer, alka yagnik… ewww even the names are so much 90fic.. still I’m loving these songs, lyrics, music… everything
and trust me these are not bad, I mean these are not bad at all… they are good. Every night spent is office is a witness of my love for these songs, the irritating (to some, not to me) humming coming from my cubicle are known to every (k)night rider in my team…Suhas, Noah, Harish, Sameer, Venkatesh.

Suhas Manangi, pity on pour soul who had to be in the vicinity of my cubicle every night till 3 A.M. even threatened me of committing suicide by jumping from the fourth floor bridge… but still the determination is enact, I can’t stop it… hell how can I, I’m going crazy over the lyrics..!! (sometimes even I wonder is this really a lyric..)

Hope this craziness will pass off soon; else Microsoft people will throw me out on the road…

And now while I’m writing this my playlist reads like:
“Sajna hai Mujhe (Remix)”, “Rup suhana lagta hai…chand purana lagta hai”, “yeh hasin khula aasman”….

What’s happening to this GnR fanatic, Metallic fan…
Hope I’ll get over it soon…


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