May you rest in peace my dear friend..!!

Posted: September 12, 2010 in My Life

Recently i lost a friend, very close to me..well once very close to me, we were just like brothers… He passed away at around 11.00 P.M. on sunday night, and unfortunately i was the one to kill him. He’s gone but still his body, his rotten mind and his cheap stints will keep some people entertained somewhere in some part of the country.

And with a light heart i want want to share my elation and joy through this post.
Poor chap, was always lacking on principles, but off late had gone almost crazy, my brother had predicted his death long ago, but i wasn’t allowing him to die, always shielding his “moral death” with a thin cover of friendship, but the sporty decided to take “the giant leap of mankind” and he went off the cliff of his own.

Somehow i bribed my brain to get a copy of the Autopsy Report, and it reads something like this:

Name: Unknown
Sex: Male
Time of Death: was dead all the time though some people (including me) mistook him to be alive
Marks of Identification on Body: stains of all his stupidity and meanness, the marks are so prominent that its hard to distinct the person as a human
Cause of Death : My principles killed him
Details of Death: Was drunk, messed up with my principles and eventually i had no option other than to let him die
Was he Bleeding: No, luckily spiders don’t have blood..

I’ll never miss you cuz “Ek baar maine death certify kar di fir to main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta” (pretty cheap line but had you been alive you might’ve loved it). Dear “Macho” be happy with your funky friends, sporty looks and your cheap girlfriend (i’m having some hallucinations that she’ll die soon… and a much worse “moral death” than her mother).

To be honest Its hard for me, very hard but i’ll live.
May your soul rest in piece…Amen..!!

P.S.Thanks to “Harish Bhai” for consoling me in my hard times and for making me realize that he’s dead, there’s no use mourning over the corpse, when the soul is gone..what is left is a handful of flesh lined up on a skeleton..!!


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