Single in the City of Nawabs

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Hyderabad, My Life

Hyderabad…. the only place apart from Delhi where I’ve spent this much number of days in a stretch (it’s my 50th day here) … it’s been around a month and a half since I moved here… still exploring  the city, more eateries, more places to hang out and more bar n pubs…the grand relocation period (affectionately renamed as “Honeymoon Period” by Microsoft employees) had given a lot of time and luxury to explore the place.
To start with the hi-tech city, the place where most of the IT companies are based is really far from the main city… even the map of the city that HR team mailed the new joiners before relocating here didn’t cover the area 😉

People and the City: The city is really calm n peaceful compared to metros like Delhi and Bombay, though sometimes the calmness turns to dullness but still it’s not monotonous, people are warm and simple… the usual cunningness of big cities is slowly seeping in, but it’ll take time for native people to change… The climate is nice n breezy, rains almost twice a week,  but yet to witness those heavy rains of Delhi, here it’s mostly it’s in form of drizzles for a few hours.
The language is quite fun to hear and bargaining in market is really an experience in itself… the language has an inherent “aa” syllable attached to the end of almost every word.
A friend in Microsoft got his name on voter-id card wrong only because of that… the lady asked for his name n he proudly pronounced….“ANILAA”…. Pour soul still unable to convince the driving license authorities that “ANIL” and “ANILAA” is the same person… 

People are nice and friendly…exceptions do occur.. 😉 but more or less the native people are nice, friendly and soft spoken…

Life: Well don’t have much experience of lifestyle yet, and the few observations are limited to the Hi-Tech city n surrounding area but still there is that so called solitude of flat culture… people are hesitant in going out n meeting others, suspicious, and reluctant to mix up and mostly stay to themselves… bachelors (n especially males) are considered the most suspicious lot.. though there is an inherent humor involved in being a bachelor.. 🙂
As for women the city is certainly safer than Delhi, far more safer.. yes ogles are always there but it’s safer to visit local markets at night, travelling by auto , walking home late…
The night life is umm… okayish not a great one neither very dull… its simply okayish.. For most part Jubilee Hills and Banjara Hills areas are really nice to hang out with lotsa malls, restaurants, sports bars and gaming zones. Personaly I really love the look and feel of the Banjara Hills, nice place to hang out with friends.

Roads Transport: the public transport is not very good, city buses are available but very small in number and mostly signboards are in Telugu, sometimes English may be there with a font size “negligible” but mostly it’s telugu. One needs to rely on autos for most part of traveling, but the fares are very reasonable… The auto-wallahs are honest… rarely try to overcharge you (though one may need to bargain at night).
The roads are narrow, and the heavy traffic at peak hours causes jams occasionally. People don’t follow traffic rules as a general policy and red lights are often jumped… 🙂. The traffic police is as corrupt as delhi, always ready to pounce upon poor fellas  reasoning for all the unreasonable reasons.

Food: Well one thing that’s great about the place is Food. There are lots n lots of options for north Indians (south indian is always here so I’ll talk of north Indian recipes only). And for non-vegetarians… well it’s a mecca for ‘em. All biryani n kebabs in all forms… special, spicy, double onion one… a real delight, right from roadside stalls to 5 stars hotels what I hear about the non-veg stuff is all praise…
There are a number of great restaurants – Zaffran Exotica, Waterfront and Angeethi being my favourites… have also tried Hyderabad house (famous for biryani), Chutneys, Sahib Sindh Sultan, 36, Casani GR, Novatel, Taj Deccan, Barbeque Nation n lots more… all thanks to Microsoft for reimbursing all my food bills…

Bars n Pubs: One thing… the pubs n bars here are expensive compared to Delhi. Though i’m not a regular drinker, but still i like to visit and enjoy the ambiance. For similar ambience n same drinks you end up paying almost 1.5 times of what you have to pay in Delhi. But still there are a few nice places to spend your hard earned money (yeah have to code a lot to earn that), with my favorite being – HRC ( Hard Rock Café) – man the chicks there are really hot..!!
Apart from that Novatel and SVM (though their mint flavoured vodka shots are more of jal jeera… avoid them) are also nice places with great ambience and nice crowd.

Places to Visit: Golconda fort, Hussain Sagar Lake (My favorite Spot to chill out after a long day of work), Shilpkala Vedika (attended Shreya Ghoshal’s Concert there), Char Minar are few of the places I’ve visited so far… well its just the 50th day here… will visit the other places soon..

So cheers to my 50th day in the City of Nawabs.
It’s all about the city of Nawabs; will update about being single in the city of Nawabs sometimes…

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  1. Kaushal says:

    50 days and so much done already! You must be coding at night. Nice to read about the aspect thats passing me by. Maybe I round up the end – school fees, lack of ICSE schools, uber high school fees (apple to apple to BOM), household help…and other such domesticated thingies.nice time sheet.

  2. Akshay Khokhar says:

    Well you are right… i'm working all at odd hours. :-)as for visiting all this in such a short span of time, i owe this to Microsoft's relocation plan… personal cabs to travel anywhere in the city with all food expenses paid, one has to draw the maximum benefit.. ;)With relocation being over its just limited to weekends now…

  3. Spectator says:

    Fuck! I wish I had read this post! One year earlier than you have written it :DFeel sad as Im not even going to sit for it, low agregate 😦

  4. Akshay Kumar says:

    Ohh… aggregate no concern, have some good industry experience, get a referral, give few interviews… you are in 🙂 after 2 years of exp. no aggregate matters… 🙂

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