I’m Ba-ck… Cheers

Posted: August 5, 2010 in My Life

When i started this blog i decided to update n write regularly.. and here we are updating it after 3 months.. (Yeah pretty regular isn’t it 😉 ).

So once again… I’ll make that promise… umm.. promises sounds cheesy… So what.. I’ll make one :).
Well a lot has happened in past few months, shifted to Hyderabad, starting working in Microsoft India, learning new stuff, coding, going zig zag with my Work load (read ” its just one and a half month and I’m already an underperformer..” ), loving and hating the new city at the same time, Calling my mum thrice a day (and sometimes more 🙂 ) , got a laptop, made some new friends, got my first Salary, Missing college (now i won’t start on this ..not now)…

Well the list will go on.. So better i cut short and put it out on my blog on periodic basis, who knows maybe someday.. somewhere… someone may visit my blog…. (Not exactly… I’ve got a few hits.. cheers… 🙂 )

Time to work…. cya soon blog… won’t dump you this time..

  1. Kaushal says:

    Here's a hit! Moved to Hyd myself. from bombay. pace of life is a tad slow but i like the place. Noticed instantly that auto rickshaw fares have not (yet) been hiked here as compared to bombay and delhi. schools are damn expesive – maybe not your scene yet.

  2. Akshay Khokhar says:

    Well welcome to the city of nawabs n kebabs (biryani is more famous…but kebabs rhymes with nawabs… 😀 )don know about schools, but the life is certainly calm compared to delhi//bombay. calm but not dull… 🙂 Auto fares are really cool, people are welcoming…. no polluted air to smell (being delhite since birth… i'm addicted to it)

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